What does a Private Investigator actually do?

What does a Private Investigator actually do?

Charlotte Private Investigator

There is rarely a circumstance when calling a private investigative firm means that things are going well in your life. Unfortunately, it often means that something potentially terrible is happening with your spouse, your children or your personal assets and identity. In a desperate attempt to find out the truth, you pick up the phone and call an agency. But what do you say? How does this process work? What does a Charlotte private investigator actually do and how can they help you find out the truth about your situation?

Leading Charlotte Private Investigators

First, we have to get the movie scene perception out of our heads where there is a guy in a black sedan, snooping around your house or your husband’s office; picking his teeth and eating bags and bags of fast food. He calls to meet you at a questionable motel parking lot and in exchange for some terrible secret he found out you now have to pay him in cold hard cash.  That is not what a professional PI service does at all.

A professional firm starts with you. At Barefoot Professional Investigations, we start by developing a trusted relationship where your information, your story, your life is confidential and secure. Through our intake process, we ask you select questions that are relevant to your concerns and finding out the truth. Then through that discovery, we put together a concise plan with actual timelines and a budget so you know the value of the information that you are paying for. We are committed to delivering prompt and discreet information gathering of the utmost quality.

Charlotte Private Investigator Services

We specialize in six core areas of investigation: Domestic Services, Child Custody, Background
checks, Witness interviews, Computer Forensics and Debugging and Countermeasures. Each
service is specialized and we follow strict legal standards in the procurement and transference
of information discovered. Whether it be sourcing important documents, monitoring the
environment that your child is in or preserving evidence and data from a particular computer,
cell phone or digital device, we use cutting-edge forensic services to inform and protect our

Our team of licensed investigators at Barefoot Professional Investigations has a legacy of over 30 years in the trade, serving major law firms, corporations and thousands of individuals. The secret to our success has been our recognition as one of the most ethical investigative firms in the Southeast. Our relentless attention to detail and our ability to tackle some of the toughest cases have earned us the respect and admiration of the top law firms and attorneys in the Southeast.

Barefoot PI is committed to excellence in giving you the most accurate and up to date intel on your life and situation. We desire that the outcome of your situation or legal case is far better than when you started due to the professional service that we provide. We dig deep and are highly respected for our thoroughness in delivering key details that win cases and result in favorable pleas; keeping the clients best interest at heart… at all times.