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When a product doesn’t work as advertised, we have recourse. We can file a warranty claim, return the product, or simply throw it in the trash if the sunk cost isn’t too great. When you’re dealing with a person who isn’t what or who they claim to be, however, the stakes — as well as the potential cost and consequences — are much higher. For thousands of individuals, employers, and business owners in the Charlotte area, Barefoot Professional Investigations has helped to verify, or debunk, individuals’ identities, saving money, businesses, and even lives in the process. 

Background Investigations

Private individuals, businesses, and attorneys rely on Barefoot for thorough background checks. The goals are different in each case, but the tools at our disposal and the care with which we utilize them remains consistent.

Private Background Checks

We want the best for ourselves and those we love. In much the same way that businesses and attorneys use background checks to evaluate individuals, they can be a best practice before marrying someone, when finding child care for our kids, or when a friend or family member’s new significant other leaves us with an uneasy feeling. Background checks can uncover financial problems, a history of domestic abuse, a past criminal record, or even instances of infidelity, and may lead to a further domestic investigation

Employment and Business Background Checks

Employment law and the persistent threat of lawsuits in a litigation-happy society often leaves past employers reluctant to give information on past employees beyond a simple verification of employment. What safeguards their best interests may not be in yours. If your employees have public-facing roles, you don’t want their social media profiles or an undisclosed history of questionable activity harming your business’s reputation. If your field is specialized, accurate educational history and up-to-date certifications are a must. Equally important, if a potential hire will be handling high volumes of cash, or will have access to sensitive personal, medical, or financial information, simply guessing that they will be trustworthy isn’t acceptable for your business or your clients.

Similar concerns present themselves when you’re selling a business, entering a new partnership, or vetting a key vendor. Poor relationships with past clients, a history of bad decision making, misrepresentation of skills or educational background, or financial mismanagement doesn’t merely reflect badly on your potential counterpart’s business; it can negatively impact yours as well.

Background Checks for Attorneys

Background investigations that include criminal history, past judgments and property liens, bankruptcies, and other criminal or civil history has a number of benefits for attorneys. Whether you handle workman’s compensation cases, family law, corporate law, or any number of other fields, you can benefit from our expertise. We take care of investigative areas for which your practice may be ill-equipped, leaving your lawyers and paralegals free to concentrate on the core of your practice and maximize your billable hours, and can also assist in crucial witness preparation.


In civil suits, it is helpful to have someone pull Charlotte, NC court records to see if there is a history of the behavior.

What We Screen in a Background Check

When you get a background check in Charlotte, NC by Barefoot PI, we will go over the following areas:

  • Criminal History: We will run a criminal background check for NC to see if the person in question has a record.
  • Education: A private background check will look into the educational attainments of the person in question. This determines whether their resume matches the check.
  • Previous Employment History: This is particularly helpful for employment screenings because it can verify work history.
  • Reference Checks: A potential employee’s character is sometimes only learned by talking to people who knew them best — that’s where a reference check comes in.
  • Sex Offender Registry: The North Carolina criminal records search will indicate if the person is a registered offender.
  • Credit: How someone manages credit can show a bit about how responsible they are. This is crucial when hiring a new employee, especially if it’s for a financial position.
  • Social Media: A background check in NC for employment will also investigate the person’s social media accounts. People may have a whole different personality or demeanor on these platforms.

Why You Should Hire Barefoot Professional Investigations

Under the careful stewardship and watchful eye of founder Jan Barefoot, Barefoot Professional Investigations has grown over three decades to become a trusted resource for businesses, attorneys, and private individuals in the Charlotte area. The Barefoot team puts ethics first, followed closely by attention to even the smallest details — ensuring that our results are as trustworthy as our people.

What to Do With the Results of a Background Check

Background checks are a useful tool, but can be subject to misuse even by the best-intentioned people and businesses. When you are presented with the results of our work, we will advise you about our findings. However, since background checks intersect with the law in many — and often unpredictable — ways, the advice of legal counsel may be sought for your own protection. To get started on a secure and confidential consultation, simply fill out your details on the form below.

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