Witness Interviews

What you may have seen on the silver screen fails to capture the complexity of witness interviews — the incomplete interviews by law enforcement, the vagaries of memory and changing witness statements, and the difficulty of obtaining corroborating evidence. However well-intentioned they may be, defense attorneys often do not have the experience or specialized knowledge to conduct these interviews correctly. That’s why many in the Charlotte area have called on Barefoot Professional Investigations.

Witness Investigations

Hiring a private investigator helps in untangling the complex web of pre-trial preparation. Witness interviews, while important, are only one part of a multi-faceted process. We realize that fact-finding isn’t always as straightforward as one would hope, so our activities encompass the big picture and granular details alike. This is why we assist in the gathering and analysis of evidence, finding and vetting expert witnesses, surveillance, background checks, and much more.

 Because our found has an extensive background in the legal industry we understand the importance of good trial preparation. We likewise understand the difficulties it presents to many law firms, since getting the whole story from all involved can be a full-time task in itself. The process is further complicated by the Rashomon-like nature of investigations, necessitating persistence and a discerning eye to spot inconsistencies, dishonesty, and gaps in evidence — including using computer forensics to recover information that has been deleted to keep it from seeing daylight. We work carefully and thoroughly, but we also understand that time is of the essence; completing our work efficiently allows you more time to prepare your clients.

Why Hire Barefoot Professional Investigations?

Defense attorneys often need an experienced private eye to assist with evidence gathering, trial preparation, and witness interviews in Charlotte. Because this often falls outside attorneys’ existing skill set, or can take away from other crucial trial preparation, many law offices in Charlotte turn to Barefoot Professional Investigations. Our three principal investigators each bring more than thirty years of experience to each investigation, enabling us to provide exceptional trial preparation for the leading criminal attorneys in the region.

Our experience, care, and discretion has another benefit as well: you can be sure that what we unearth will meet or exceed the strictest ethical, legal, and evidentiary standards.

Making Use of Witness Preparation

A closing thought, or closing argument, if you will: during a history that stretches across more than thirty years, Barefoot Professional Investigations has worked more than 700 Charlotte area criminal cases and a further 200 homicide cases. While the law firms working these cases have varied in some respects, each shared at least one thing in common: a drive to do right by their clients. 

However, even the most knowledgeable and best-intentioned attorneys have to admit that their time and resources are finite. Even assuming the knowledge to conduct canvassing, surveillance, vetting witnesses, and conducting interviews, that is likely not to be the best use of your time, or the best way to safeguard your clients’ best interests. With that in mind, reach out to Barefoot Professional Investigations by phone or by filling out the form below for a confidential consultation.

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