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Computers have revolutionized our lives, touching on our social interactions and every aspect of our businesses as well. However, it’s not all cat pictures and spreadsheets; new technology brings with it numerous opportunities for malfeasance and criminal activity — and more ways for someone to cover their tracks, as many individuals and businesses have found out the hard way. Most people don’t have the knowledge or resources to tackle this issue head-on, which is why they rely on Barefoot Professional Investigations for Charlotte private computer forensic services.

Computer Forensics Investigations

Here, we should pause to clear up a common point of confusion: computer forensics are not the same as cybersecurity. While there is a degree of overlap between the two, it is useful to think of cybersecurity as network and systems protection to prevent incursions, leaks, data loss, or malicious activity. Computer forensics, on the other hand, concerns itself primarily with what happens after a breach, wipe, or other malign activity has occurred. 

Because of that difference, the mechanics of computer forensics are necessarily different than securing a computer or network. Our work is concerned with information recovery and preservation, which often finds us working on equipment like computers and mobile devices that have been purposely “wiped.” There is often a surprising amount of data in caches, temp files, print queues, and a number of other areas.

Why Work with Barefoot Professional Investigations?

Barefoot Professional Investigations has assisted in numerous civil and criminal computer forensics cases, covering a wide range of subject areas. Clients have come to us seeking evidence of intellectual property theft and industrial espionage, fraud, compliance shortfalls, embezzlement, and a number of other computer-related concerns. 

Our work generally finds us utilizing a number of advanced tools and forensic techniques, also drawing on instincts honed from decades of investigative experience. Furthermore, we find that none of these disciplines exist in a vacuum; the results of a Charlotte computer forensic investigation often require us to draw on other skill sets — including witness interviews and background checks — to flesh out an understanding of an issue and determine the best course of action, which isn’t something you can take for granted from someone who’s merely studied for a computer forensics degree.

As with other services provided by Barefoot Private Investigations, computer forensics teases out the other information that surrounds it — untangling a complex web of motivations, consequences, and what may be other attendant criminal activity. This can raise thorny legal and ethical issues; we approach these with sensitivity, integrity, and skill. If you’re determining your next steps, fill out the form below and we will be in touch for a confidential consultation.

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