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Our ability to solve the toughest cases is one reason Barefoot Professional Investigations is the most recommended firm in the Carolinas.
Carolina’s premier investigative services company for almost 30 years.
Providing comprehensive investigation, background checks, surveillance, and identity clearance with integrity and professionalism.
Protecting your integrity with our diligence.
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Trust the experts at Barefoot Professional Investigations.
From surveillance and criminal defense to witness investigation and counter intelligence, Barefoot Professional Investigations has you covered.

Barefoot Professional Investigations is the Carolina’s number one choice in investigative services for almost 35 years.

Barefoot Professional Investigations is a full service private investigations agency in the Carolinas and can assist you with all your investigative needs. Based out of the Carolinas for almost 35 years, Barefoot Professional Investigations offers extensive investigative services by experienced and knowledgeable staff. 35 years of experience performing surveillance and background checks in the Carolinas leads to comprehensive knowledge of investigative techniques and approaches.

Our Services


  • Detailed documented evidence to comply with North Carolina General Statutes 50-7 et. seq., 50-16 et. seq., and all Federal and State laws
  • Video and still photographic evidence

Child Custody

  • Surveillance and documentation to determine character and capabilities of custodial parent in custody and visitation lawsuits
  • Video and/or photographic displays

Debugging and Countermeasures

  • Detection and location of electronic surveillance equipment used for eavesdropping (i.e., telephone bugging and GPS devices)
  • Commercial and residential debugging

Background Checks

  • Installation of hidden video surveillance cameras (CCTV)
  • Workers’ Compensation surveillance
  • Field employee surveillance
  • Comprehensive background and criminal record searches
  • Trademark and Patent infringement investigations
  • Asset Searches

Witness Interviews

  • Witness location and interviews
  • Preparation of demonstrative evidence including charts, diagrams, maps and enlargement of documents
  • Photographic and video services
  • Experience in major felony case preparation including capital murder, sex offenses, fraud, death by vehicle, obscenity and drug cases
  • Experienced courtroom witnesses in State and Federal court trials
  • Typewritten detailed reports and transcripts of audiotape interviews

Computer Forensics

  • Recover and preserve evidence and data from a particular device
  • Data documentation and verification
  • Preparation of digital evidence for legal proceedings
  • Cell phone data recovery
  • Recover deleted emails, text messages and photographs
  • Recover web browsing history