Child Custody Investigations

We want our children to have the best environment possible — one that is safe, stable, and nurturing. However, when children are caught in the middle of a separation or divorce, it can often feel as though that environment is hard to come by. Enlisting Barefoot Professional Investigations for private investigation services can ensure that your children’s well being is safeguarded and their best interests kept top of mind. Common sense dictates, and research reinforces that children do best when they have the full attention of their custodial parent at the time of visitation. Unfortunately, this is just as often the exception as the rule. If you suspect that your child is not in a safe environment, or if you think their care is being shunted to someone else during custodial time, Barefoot PI can conduct surveillance that can establish the facts.

Why You Should Hire a Child Custody Investigator

While divorce and separation are the most common reasons for clients and their lawyers to enlist our services, they are by no means the only ones. Parental death, incompetence due to illness or substance abuse, allegations of abuse, questions surrounding paternity, juvenile delinquency, or the quality of care provided by third parties are all perfectly valid reasons to hire a private investigator. Nor are parents and primary caregivers the only ones who reach out to Barefoot Professional Investigations; we have also helped grandparents assert their legal rights to visitation.

Why Hire Barefoot Professional Investigations?

Many custodial arrangements involve some form of supervision. However, not all visitation is supervised, or takes place in the home. Unlike visits by state agencies, Barefoot PI conduct surveillance and background checks discreetly and without warning; in this way, we are able to identify and track how a custodial parent acts when left to their own devices. We document what we see, which encompasses emotional and financial stability and personal conduct; the latter may also include instances of neglect, reckless driving, criminal conduct, and other activities. 

Our investigations also involve deep background work, examining public records for employment, criminal, residence, and financial irregularities. We pay attention to associates, social media history, and other activity that gives us a view of the big picture and the granular details alike, often uncovering details that would be difficult, if not impossible, to uncover on your own.

What to Do When The Investigation Ends

A separation or divorce can be trying — even traumatic — for those involved, and children often suffer a disproportionate impact. Even an amicable split can bring with it complications and recriminations as frustrations arise.

 In any civil case that there are three sides — yours, theirs, and the truth. Because our primary goal is your child’s best interests, we approach our investigations with ethics and objectivity top of mind. Because of that, our observations may be used as the basis of a court case, or brought to the attention of law enforcement as needed.

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