Domestic Investigative Services

Sometimes small changes in a spouse or partner’s daily routine has an innocent explanation. However, other changes in habit — frequent and unexpected schedule changes, sudden weight loss or change in appearance, defensiveness over routine questions — can raise suspicions of infidelity. Telling the difference between a mundane change and one that signals a bigger problem can be difficult. On one hand, we want to think the best of those we love, which can blind us to their activities. On the other hand, mistrust, especially when it’s rooted in past actions, can leave us suspicious even when there could be an innocuous and honest explanation. When they’ve needed clarity the most, thousands of Charlotte residents have consulted with Barefoot Professional Investigations. 

Domestic Investigations

Understanding what a Charlotte private investigator cannot do is as important as understanding what we can do. Many of the same rules and restrictions that apply to law enforcement apply to private investigators as well; there are legal and ethical lines we cannot, and do not, cross. These restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording or eavesdropping on phone calls
  • Intercepting or reading mail
  • Breaking into private property

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

With that said, there are many things a private investigator can do that would be difficult at best for an individual seeking to uncover information. We can examine public records, perform background checks, conduct surveillance, and perform a number of other duties that can uncover important and sensitive information. We draw on many years’ worth of experience, often noticing things an untrained observer could miss. However, we are also able to evaluate evidence with a level of objectivity that is difficult to muster when you’re suspicious of someone’s conduct — that’s important when the unvarnished truth matters.

Working with Barefoot Professional Investigations

Our conduct is important for reasons that run deeper than ethics and discretion. Our clients — private individuals, corporations, and lawyers — don’t simply rely on us for information; often as not, what we uncover can become the basis for legal action, and as such it needs to stand up in court. That leaves us with no room for error.

While we are proud of our strong ethical sense, and the results we’ve gotten for thousands of clients over the years, those are not the only reasons to hire Barefoot Professional Investigations. Our three decades of service to the Charlotte area, our dedication, knowledge, and deep roots in this area have all made a difference to our clients — as has the care with which we do our work.

What to Do When the Investigation Ends

We’ve found one thing to be true no matter how different each case we’ve handled may be: your work is just beginning when ours is over. If we find evidence of infidelity, your path forward is by no means clear or uncomplicated. You may decide your relationship can and should be salvaged; conversely, you may also choose to contact an attorney to determine next steps that protect your assets, your personal safety, or child custody.

Regardless of what we do or do not uncover, one thing remains consistent: you deserve better than suspicion and uncertainty. Fill out your contact information and any details you’re comfortable sharing, and Barefoot Professional Investigations will be in touch for a discreet and confidential consultation.

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