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As technology evolves and our society becomes more reliant upon data and data collection, the threat of being a target of technical surveillance becomes a very real concern for certain individuals. Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive, making industrial espionage a very real possibility in densely populated metropolitan areas where executives tend to live and work. Domestic disputes around infidelity and child-custody often devolve into he-said, she-said impasses, and surveillance is often used in these cases to show wrongdoing of one type or another. So while some might think that being a target for technical surveillance is akin to spy novels and corporate espionage thrillers, for others it’s an extremely real and frightening possibility.

What Countermeasures Can Be Used for Technical Surveillance?

Regardless of why you think you might be under surveillance, Barefoot PI believes that everyone should be able to have peace of mind that their home, workplace, and vehicle are safe and uncompromised by listening devices or video recording equipment. Finding help can be tricky though, especially in North Carolina, which requires a license to perform debugging services. But for more than 25 years, Barefoot Professional Investigations has been a licensed provider of not only debugging services but also provide countermeasures to electronic surveillance.   

Signs That You’re Being Surveilled

While devices have become increasingly advanced, that doesn’t mean those who might be surveilling you are using top-end devices. Some basic methods for checking your space include:

  • Listen for high-pitched humming sounds in spaces where no electronics device should be in operation.
  • New hotspots or networks detected by your router that you don’t recognize.
  • Look for new or out-of-place, including wiring or plugs.
  • Identify strange behavior on your digital devices.

Debugging and TSCM Services

If you think you or someone you love are a target of technical surveillance, then Barefoot PI can help you secure your space. We provide a bug-sweeping service for both commercial and residential spaces using top-of-the-line detection methods and equipment. We also are licensed to perform the same countermeasures and investigative services on your computers and digital devices, ensuring that you’re not also being targeted digitally. Overall, our services include:

  • A physical search of your property and workspace
  • Electronic and physical inspections of phones, computers, and other devices
  • RF Spectrum sweep to search out transmitters
  • Silent Sweep to determine if any devices are currently in operation

The Advantages of Charlotte’s Most Trusted PI

Being under surveillance is a tricky situation to be in, and getting the help you need requires procuring the services of a company you can trust. At Barefoot PI, we have the distinction of providing professional investigative services to Charlotte for more than 30 years. Operating in this industry requires a high degree of integrity and expertise and Jan Barefoot has worked hard to ensure her team has both. Our team is certified in leading TSCM methods and we use only the most advanced technology to ensure that our clients’ spaces are free and clear.

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