I Think My Significant Other Is Cheating. Now What?

Behavioral changes. Long nights texting. Moodiness, defensiveness, phone calls at odd hours. The more you see, the more you’re convinced your significant other is being unfaithful. What now? After countless infidelity investigations over our decades-long history, we can tell you one thing you absolutely should not do, and that’s to try to sleuth out the answers on your own. There are some very good reasons to enlist a private investigator in Charlotte like Barefoot Professional Investigations instead.


Objectivity Matters

One of the biggest challenges in DIY investigations is confirmation bias. Whether you realize it or not, you’re too close to this situation to be truly objective about it. You may hope against hope that your significant other isn’t cheating on you, and so you ignore signs that point toward infidelity; conversely, if all trust is already gone from a relationship, you may ignore evidence that lets you know there’s an innocent explanation for someone’s behavior. Because our job is to follow the clues where they lead us and to simply get to the truth, we’re bringing experience to the table rather than preconceptions or misconceptions.


Friends and Family Aren’t Reliable Investigators

Even when they’re well-intentioned, friends and family aren’t great investigators. Some will resent what they imply as you asking them to take sides. Some will suffer the same biases that we’ve already discussed. Others may not have a knack for stealth, which can be damaging to any investigation. And since it’s not uncommon for partners to cheat with people they already know, you may unwittingly enlist the “help” of the person with whom they’re cheating; how reliable do you think their assistance will be?


Experience Matters

Cheaters are usually careful to cover their steps, using cash instead of plastic, setting up separate email addresses and the like in order to cover their tracks, or even resorting to electronic measures of their own to eavesdrop or find out if they’re being watched, necessitating debugging and electronic countermeasures. Our years of experience help us spot signs the layperson could miss — we know where to look, including databases the average person doesn’t even know exist, and the use of computer forensics. We can surveil without being detected, we’re discreet when the need comes to ask hard questions, and — most importantly — we know, and stay on the right side of, the law.


Evidence Matters

Of course, you’ll want hard proof of our findings. When the investigation is over, our work may be ending but yours is only beginning. After all, you’ve got some difficult conversations ahead of you no matter what we uncover. If our research confirms your worst fears, you may end up in divorce court, or opening a child custody investigation (our expert testimony can give you leverage). But if it exonerates your partner, you’ll still need to repair the bonds between you.


Consulting with a Charlotte Private Investigator

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve got more questions than answers right now. That uncertainty won’t just interrupt a good night’s sleep. It will spill over into other areas of your life — if it hasn’t already. You owe it to yourself to have the truth, and with it, the ability to decide what’s next. A consultation with Barefoot Professional Investigations can help you understand the process, start getting to the truth, and then to find healthy closure. Contact us today.

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