What’s Involved in a PI’s Pre-Trial Preparations

Sometimes the private investigator’s trade is refreshingly cut-and-dried. A pre-employment background investigation, for instance, finds us uncovering a fair amount of information, but once our job ends, our client’s is just beginning. In many of our other practice areas, however, our investigation is just one step in a much larger process that stretches out long before we arrive, and that requires us to call on our other areas of expertise before everything comes to a conclusion. Our legal witness interviews in Charlotte, NC are often part of an attorney’s trial preparations, or may themselves result in the opening of a civil or criminal case. These are just a few of the ways that Barefoot Professional Investigations helps to ensure quality results.



Even though some evidence requires a subpoena — including medical records and financials — there’s a surprising amount that’s hidden in plain sight. In other cases, someone’s taken great care to cover their tracks by the attempted destruction or erasure of sensitive information. Through a combination of public record searches, interviews, and even computer forensics, we’re often able to unearth evidence that might not have otherwise come to light. Those efforts, in turn, free up legal teams to do what they do best, and to do it more effectively.


Witness Preparation

Legal witness interviews in Charlotte NC are one of our most important assets. Even a witness that’s cooperative and genuinely trying to be helpful can have significant gaps in memory, or may tell a story that, while it rings true in many respects, can have troubling inconsistencies. And that’s to say nothing of witnesses who are outright hostile, or who have something to hide. That’s why we’re especially diligent with witness interviews, leveraging equal amounts of psychology and experience to get to the truth. 


Background Investigations

A background investigation is another key step in getting and understanding the big picture. Verifying alibis, key facts, and witness testimony often means a deep dive into individuals’ past activity, whether it’s criminal conduct, financial trouble, or a history of civil claims. Because the clock is ticking and attorneys’ time and expertise need to be put to the best possible use, our background investigations help to maximize time.



We’ve worked on a wide variety of cases over the years, and one thing experience has taught us is that it doesn’t take the possibility of a criminal conviction for people to misrepresent the facts in order to put themselves in the best possible light. Surveillance, whether it’s undertaken in person or electronically, can uncover a range of misconduct ranging from neglect and abuse to adultery — or can help us to exonerate or rule out individuals who might otherwise have been under suspicion. Our methods are beyond reproach, and our thoroughness helps ensure the usefulness of our findings.


Finding Hidden Connections

Experience matters. Yours matters to your client. Ours will come to matter to you. The many cases we’ve worked over the years, and the people we’ve encountered in doing so, have honed our skills to a fine edge. Our capabilities go beyond the gathering and presentation of information; we’re also able to connect the dots between seemingly disparate events, people, and places, helping you do more and better with the information we gather.


Presentation of Findings

This is, of course, where our hard work finally comes full circle. Our work helping our clients — and their clients — prepare for trial often involves us taking the stand. To the layperson, our attention to detail can come off as pickiness and our insistence on procedure and rules of evidence can make us seem inflexible. But ensuring the legality of our sources and methods is the legal linchpin; if we slip up, the evidence we’ve carefully prepared is effectively useless and can wipe out weeks or months’ worth of hard work. There’s too much at stake for us to allow that.


Pre-Trial Preparation in Charlotte, NC

Attorneys and their clients have come to love and respect Barefoot Professional Investigations when the time came to prepare for trial. Our persistence, strong ethics, knowledge of the law, and our diligence have made the difference time and time again. For help mounting your best defense (or a solid offense, as the case may be), schedule a confidential consultation today.

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