How Nonprofit Organizations Benefit from Professional Investigations

Running a nonprofit organization can be both rewarding and frustrating. We’ve seen the difference made in the community, but we’re also aware that the challenges — recruitment, development, and sustainability not least among them — are manifold. But help is always close at hand. In our capacity as private detectives serving Charlotte, NC, Barefoot Professional Investigations helps North Carolina nonprofits keep their focus on mission while mitigating some of the challenges and threats faced in day-to-day operations.

The Threat Environment for Nonprofits

You know you’re operating for the public good and in the community interest. Because of that, you probably think the idea of a threat assessment is a bit outlandish. But consider some of the threats commonly faced.

External Threats

There’s a surprising number of external threats for nonprofits to consider. While it’s rare, it’s not unheard of for rival nonprofits to engage in a bit of chicanery to find out what their competitors are doing, as is common in the for-profit sector; when this is suspected, electronic debugging may be called for. Other threats can come from individuals who take exception to your mission, or from organizations — some at the grassroots, some with high visibility and deep pockets — attempting to ruin the organization’s reputation or to threaten individual members, donors, and clients. It’s a sad fact of life that in the current political climate, even organizations with the most uncontroversial ideals and missions can find themselves in the crosshairs.

Internal Threats

Even for smaller nonprofits, responsible stewardship of funds is a paramount concern. Background check services can ensure that volunteers and paid staff alike can be trusted and that there are no skeletons lurking in a potential hire’s background that could bring bad PR (or worse) in the days to come. In the event that something goes wrong — such as fraud or embezzlement — our witness interviews can help you get to the facts, and be a valuable asset in the course of a full legal investigation. And investigative skills like computer forensics and public records searches can be especially important when an organization faces accusations of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination.

Likewise, there’s more scrutiny now than ever before on funding sources and initiatives surrounding diversity and equity. Those of us with an ear to the ground know that it’s not exactly uncommon for businesses to engage in CSR-washing, “laundering” their reputations and misdeeds with their donations. So it’s not just imperative to know your employees; it’s helpful to know where your funding is coming from, and how a potential giver or board member’s reputation can impact your organization for good or ill. A discreet background investigation can lead to better understanding, and illuminate your path forward.

Hiring a Private Investigator in Charlotte

A strong program and the investment — monetary and emotional alike — of your stakeholders isn’t enough to sustain you; it’s vital that your organization is as strong as your mission. Being able to anticipate the kinds of problems you might face is a key to mounting a good defense. In the process, you’re building resilience and a strong foundation from which you can better serve the community. Barefoot Professional Investigations is here to help.

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