Why Private Investigators Are So Busy During the Holidays

Busy stores teeming with shoppers, families giving expensive gadgets and gifts in very public and visible ways, and complicated family gatherings introducing difficult-to-navigate conflicting scheduling demands. These are just a few of the things that make the lives of private investigators complicated during the holidays. In this discussion, Barefoot PI breaks down some of the major factors that lead to our offices being inundated with clients looking for information and needing reassurance.  

Happy Holidays Can Be A Mixed Bag of Disappointment and Cheer

Clients who come to see us during the holidays on personal business are often looking to clear up domestic issues in their lives. Depending on what they are looking for, our clients could find heartache or joy at the end of our engagement. 

Lost Family Members and Loved Ones

Private investigators are often contracted to find people our clients themselves have been unable to locate. Whether it’s an estranged loved one, a parent seeking out a child given up for adoption or those children seeking out the parents who gave them up, or a missed connection in life, we are often provided with limited information and have to leverage resources to which only a private investigator might have access. These inquiries often increase during the holidays, as people looking to fill an emotional gap in their lives often think that the holidays might be the best time to accomplish this. 

Cheating Hearts Make for Lonely Holidays

Because schedules become extremely complicated during the holidays, people who are cheating on a spouse often struggle to keep their activities a secret. If their significant others are already suspicious, then the holidays might cause their suspicions to spike and they often seek out private investigators to determine if they’re right. 

Hackers and Scammers Don’t Take the Holidays Off, So Neither Can We

With cyber attacks already at staggering levels, the holidays can expose business systems even further as employees might make a mistake and fall for a particularly effective phishing attack. Private investigation firms are kept busy this time of the year by people needing forensic investigations or for hackers to be identified in order to mitigate damages.  

Seasonal Threats to Business Success

The holidays cause financial stress for people everywhere and often can drive people to make poor decisions in the workplace. Companies often hire our investigators to monitor systems, verify security procedures in the workplace, track individuals who might be suspected of nefarious activities, and identify gaps in security procedures that can be exploited and lead to losses. 

Investigative Results You Can Rely Upon 

Our investigators understand how crucial peace of mind can be during the holidays. Whether it’s clearing up family concerns, protecting business assets, or investigating data or identity theft, it’s just as important for us to help our clients find the closure they need, regardless of the time of year. To secure our services or explore what our investigative team brings to the table, contact our offices for a consultation.