What Kinds of Background Checks Should You Be Running?

As businesses operating in the private investigative industry diversify and expand their services, there has been a shift and expansion of investigative tools being leveraged for professional and private background checks. The types of research and administrative tasks that go into the everyday investigative services performed by PI’s lend themselves to the research and data gathering that are inherent in the background check process.

In this blog, Barefoot PI breaks down types of background checks clients can engage them to perform, with the effort being made to distinguish between professional checks that support corporate interests and private background checks that are initiated for personal reasons by individual parties for domestic reasons. 

Professional Background Checks 

The private investigative services industry has in recent years begun to expand into the corporate landscape, evolving and adapting existing domestic services to support corporate entities in the same manner. Background checks are one example of this evolution in motion. Corporate entities can engage Barefoot PI to perform several types of business-focused background checks.

Employment Background Investigation

Screening candidates before hiring them is standard practice for businesses. But as people’s lives evolve and their professional and private lives become more entwined, it becomes easier for clients to hide information from potential employers. What’s more, is that there are numerous legal precedents in place that protect candidates from negative statements made by previous employers that could affect their ability to gain other employment. Because of these protections, hiring managers are often left having to rely on the word of candidates about their experience, training, education, and other factors that influence hiring managers. Engaging private investigators to run background checks on candidates balances the playing field and allows employers to make more informed business decisions, thus improving the overall quality of hires.

With Summertime around the corner, and seasonal hiring the norm for businesses like summer camps and daycare, this a crucial service for businesses in the child care arena to take advantage of to limit liability and reassure clients that the workers under their employ are safe and vetted caregivers. 

Legal Background Checks 

In the course of conducting legal proceedings, attorneys will need to find out more information about a witness or client in family law, workers’ compensation disputes, or other proceedings. To allow the law firm to retain all hands on deck with a case, they can source background checks out to a private investigative firm.

Personal Background Checks

Sometimes, the role of the private investigator is to provide support in domestic situations and is only sometimes in support of future legal actions being taken by the hiring party. 

Establishing Guilt or Illicit Behavior Patterns Before Charges are Made 

If you ask someone off of the street what it is that private investigators do, most of their answers will fall within this category. Part of the services offered to clients in a surveillance case fall within the purview of a background check, as we dig into a target’s past to see what we can uncover that might give us some insight into current behaviors.

Evaluating and Vetting Individuals for Personal Services Such as Child Care

Not everyone takes advantage of summer camps when schools are out for the season, and with COVID-19 concerns still rampant, parents are likely scrambling for care options. That doesn’t mean parents have to hire sight unseen, however. Utilizing a private investigative service’s background check services to vet a caregiver will ensure you’re not hiring someone with a history of abuse or theft to be in your home taking care of your child.

A Background Check for Every Season and Every Occasion

Regardless of your needs in the Charlotte market, Barefoot PI invites you to take advantage of our background check services. That relationship could come in handy during other portions of the year, such as the holiday season on the private side, and for the unexpected when it comes to running checks on clients or business partners. And you never know, those background checks could lead to the need for more in-depth investigations. Learn more with a quick call to our main office today. 

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