Leveraging a PI in a Court Case

Wondering about the role of private investigators? If so, you’re not alone. Many people wonder if the evidence gathering by PIs is legally admissible in court. In this brief overview, we’ll explore the role of a private investigator and the evidence they collect to be used in court cases. 

In the case of civil investigations, private investigators are necessary to help lawyers gather solid evidence for their cases. To learn more about leveraging a private investigator in a court case, keep reading.

What Is a PI in Criminal Justice?

A private investigator helps gather information and evidence for court cases or private clients. They can help anyone who needs to gather more information about a business, person, or situation. Common types of civil investigations include personal injury, workers’ compensation, business-related disputes, missing persons, child custody cases, domestic violence cases, and more. Hiring a skilled private investigator can help you gather the information needed for a fair case.

What Does a PI Do?

A PI can help gather many kinds of evidence. One type of evidence, known as testimonial evidence, is given by a witness under oath. A PI can also help you uncover documentary evidence and physical evidence as well. Hearsay evidence is evidence that comes from a witness who is not present, and it is not admissible in court.

Can PI Be Used in Court?

The information your PI obtains can be used in court if obtained through legal measures. For this reason, you’ll want to properly vet your PI before hiring to ensure they’re operating legally. If information is found to be obtained through illegal measures, the court will not use this evidence. It is admissible in court only if it’s done through actions that are entirely legal. Be sure to select a reliable and credible private investigation company that acts with integrity and professionalism.

Do Lawyers Use PI?

Many attorneys and lawyers utilize private investigators to get information needed to make their case. Often, PIs are able to effectively leverage information that can make or break a case. Lawyers hire private investigators to allow them to focus their efforts entirely on studying the laws pertaining to the case, while the PI’s role is to obtain the evidence needed. Often, a PI will come back with the evidence that is needed for the court case.

Can Private Investigators Hack Social Media?

Social media is an extremely helpful method to gather information. Private investigators know what to look for when using social media to find the info you need. However, private investigators are not allowed to hack social media. All information gathered by a PI must be legally obtained. Any type of illegal attempt to access social media information can cause the court to throw out the evidence.

How Do Private Investigators Get Information?

Private investigators have many skills that allow them to gain helpful information for your court case. Their specialized, professional experience and sharp analytical skills are helpful qualities in performing the functions of their job. They utilize a variety of methods to obtain information, including background checks, online tracking, spyware, device cloning, cameras, and other methods to gather information. Looking for a quality private investigator for your court case? Contact us today at Barefoot PI to learn more about how we can help make your case! We want to answer as many questions as you may have. We put ethics at the forefront of every private investigation.

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