Digital Forensics Services

Fraud, computer crimes, embezzlement, and compliance shortfalls are some reasons corporations and other businesses need to find a digital trail. Piecing together these trails of information can lead to the truth you need during your investigation or litigation. If you require digital data to be recovered, a digital forensics investigator can legally help you recover the information. They can also find deleted emails, documents, and other data that a person may not want you to find.

Types of Digital Forensics

Digital forensic investigators can help recover and preserve information that you need for your case. Digital Forensic and Incident Response investigators can examine networks to uncover a breach or wipe of data. Data preservation and data collection services gather and preserve information that may be useful after a crime has been committed. Data recovery can bring back deleted information or uncover information that was purposely manipulated to cover a crime or other incident. Social Media Platform collection can preserve social media accounts of clients to assist in your case. Each of these pieces of digital forensics can bring you that much closer to the truth. 

Barefoot PI can help with:

  • Data recovery and preservation, including emails, documents, and web history
  • Social Media Platform collection
  • Preparation of digital evidence for legal proceedings
  • Cell phone data recovery, including texts

Our digital forensics process

Barefoot Private Investigations (PI) focuses primarily on information recovery and preservation. Our digital forensic services focus on what happens after a breach has occurred or data has been wiped. We examine computers, mobile devices, and social media platforms, to recover and preserve any information that may be important to your case, including emails, texts, and documents. We also look to bring the integrity back to data that has been purposely changed. 

Data recovery & preservation

Data recovery and preservation is key in most digital forensic cases. By finding the manipulated or erased data and preserving it for an investigation, we can piece together the story of what actually happened. This data contains facts that are often crucial to your case. We use advanced techniques and court recognized software to find this information, and then pair that information with what we’ve found through other methods of investigation.

Why hire a digital forensic company

Digital forensic investigators can ethically and legally dig through the data of a computer, mobile device, social media platform, or other electronic data, finding criminal activity and malicious intent that would otherwise not be found. The investigators can report what they have uncovered and testify to its accuracy during court proceedings as expert witnesses. Without digital forensic investigators, many crimes would go unnoticed.

When looking into a crime or other incident, hiring a digital forensic investigator can break an investigation wide open. If you have questions on digital forensics, contact Barefoot PI today. 

Our Team

Our digital forensic investigators hold multiple certifications in digital forensics and have been qualified as expert witnesses in Civil and Criminal trials.  They have over 10 years experience in Digital Forensics and nearly 20 years experience in investigations and testifying in court proceedings.  Our digital forensic investigators are constantly training and keeping up with the latest technological advances.  Detailed CV’s can be provided upon request.