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A vital part of any investigation is the witness interview. Witnesses are a key part of any discovery process, as these individuals may hold information crucial to a case. By conducting witness interviews, private investigators are often able to find information that would go unknown otherwise. 

Who can be a witness?

Anyone can be called to be a witness. A witness is a person who saw or heard a crime take place, or who may have information about the crime or defendant. If you saw a crime happen, you could be a witness. 

There are certain times that both the prosecution and the defense will choose witnesses carefully, as to not bias a case. For example, a family member may have great things to say about you, but are they saying that because it’s true or because they are family?  

Types of witnesses

There are three different types of witnesses that can be called to testify, and each witness needs to be interviewed before testifying in court. These witnesses have different information to provide that may have a bearing on your case. These types of witnesses are:

  • Expert: These witnesses are specialists in a certain area. They get called to testify only on the matter they are an expert in. 
  • Lay: A lay witness is a person who saw certain events and can describe these events to the court. This is the most common type of witness. 
  • Character: This is someone that knew a person involved in a case, either the victim or the defendant. They are able to describe their personality or explain what the person is like. 

How we find a reliable witness to help your case

A reliable witness is competent and trustworthy. It is a person that people want to believe and someone who is capable of understanding the issues they are testifying to. Barefoot Professional Investigations thoroughly vets each witness to determine how credible that person is. We interview each witness to determine if what they know and can provide is relevant to the case at hand, and we dig to find expert witnesses that can assist in testifying based on their specialties, as needed.

Pre-trial witness interview process

An incomplete interview can cause a witness to change their statements unintentionally. The memories become vague, and it is human nature to move forward after something happens. This makes it difficult to obtain evidence that can help your case. When Barefoot PI conducts a witness interview, we take the time to walk through everything. Our investigators ask a set of interview questions that focus on both the big picture and the granular details that sometimes can be forgotten. By pulling the details to the forefront, we can help you prepare your case for the big day.

Interviewing witnesses is not as simple as in the movies, but with the right team asking the right questions, witnesses have valuable information that can help your case. With over 900 cases under our belt, we have worked with both small law firms and large corporations to provide ethical witness interviews. For more information on how we can help with your investigation, contact Barefoot PI today.

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