Why You Should Work With a Private Investigator for a Background Check

Background checks are a common part of the hiring process for most businesses. However, companies might be surprised to learn that not all checks are the same. A basic review of a new worker’s past may only look for public criminal records.

If you want a complete picture of your newest employees, you should hire a qualified professional who can perform private background checks.

Why perform private background checks?

New employees are an investment. First, you need to spend money on recruitment and training, and you have to pay their wages during the onboarding process. Then, if the employee doesn’t work out, you need to pay all these costs again for their replacement.

What could a background check reveal? First, it can tell if a new hire lied about education, experience, skills, or qualifications. A criminal records search, though necessary, does not check for these other factors. Also, regular checks will not find habits or lifestyle choices that may hinder work performance.

There are additional reasons to invest in a private background check. If an employee performs poorly or mistreats clients or customers, it will damage your company’s reputation. In many cases, the company will be liable for their employee’s behavior. You may have to pay fines or agree to a civil settlement because of an employee’s misdeeds. However, evidence of past poor behavior often shows up on thorough background checks.

A qualified PI can use investigative techniques to perform an in-depth private background check that looks for all these factors.

What do private background checks look for?

When performing in-depth background investigations, private investigators look for specific “red flags.” For example, they typically check each of the following areas to get a full picture of the new employee’s background.

  • A criminal record. Though a private background check goes much deeper than searching court records, it is still important to verify that your new employee hasn’t been convicted of a serious crime.
  • Inconsistencies in experience or education. It’s important to verify that your new worker can carry out their job. A PI can look at academic data and verify past work experience or professional certification to ensure the employee can do what they claim on their CV.
  • Poor references. A PI can look at the qualifications of references to ensure that they are legitimate professional references and not friends or family members doing a favor for the new hire.
  • Undesirable social media activity. A PI can look at an employee’s social media or other public accounts to gain information about any suspicious or unwanted activities or comments about past jobs or employers.

Depending on the job, you may also want to assess the credit history, driving record, or pending litigation against new employees.

The process for private background checks

An investigator typically meets with the business owner or HR manager to determine what the background check should include. They will then look at publicly available records to check for criminal convictions, civil court cases, driving-related offenses, and credit history.

A PI can also contact academic institutions and accreditation organizations to verify education and credentials. In addition, they can check references and contact previous employers to substantiate claims that the new hire made on their CV and during interviews.

Depending on the needs of the company, the PI can check public social media accounts, speak with former co-workers, and even conduct surveillance on the subject.

Other reasons to get a background check

You may want to perform a background check on a daycare provider or nanny, a fiancé or domestic partner, or someone else who will have access to your home, family, or finances.

Where to get private background checks

A thorough background check can give you confidence in your hiring decisions. Barefoot PI offers comprehensive background checks in the Carolinas. Their investigators have the experience to find and verify any information and provide a complete picture of new employees.If you want to ensure that you are bringing the best, most qualified companies into your company, contact Barefoot PI today to inquire about their background check services.

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