Why You Should Use an Investigator for Background Checks

Employee salaries are a significant part of a company’s operating costs, so you want to be absolutely sure you hire the right workers. In addition to conducting interviews and calling references, you will want to conduct a thorough background check investigation. A background investigation is a requirement for some professions, such as teachers, nurses, attorneys, and law enforcement officers. However, it can pay to run a background check on all new employees to ensure that there are no red flags and that the applicant is honest about their experience and education.

Because a background investigation is important, you want to ensure that you have a skilled and trustworthy investigator to handle the process.

Here are the details and insights that you need to know about background checks to help you choose the right professional to complete this task.


Why Conduct a Background Check?

There are several reasons why you should conduct a background check investigation. First of all, you want to find any evidence of past legal and employment issues, such as criminal activity or harassment in the workplace. Not only could a repeat of this behavior harm the business, but it could also expose you to liability if the employee commits a crime on the job. Depending on the nature of the behavior, it could also ruin your company’s reputation among employees and customers.

Finally, you can use a background check investigation to verify data and claims about education, experience, and other factors. This can be especially important for medical workers, lawyers, and others who need specific credentials to perform their jobs legally.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check involves looking into the public records of an individual. Employers often perform a background investigation on new employees, especially those who will occupy a “position of trust.”

Background check services look for criminal convictions. They can also obtain driving records, credit reports, and other publicly available data that offer insight into the new employee’s past behavior.

Investigators can also verify employment and education claims that a new employee made on their CV or during interviews.

In addition to checking references, verifying CV claims, and looking at public data, a background check investigation can include social media accounts and internet forum activity.

A company, individual, or agency can perform a background check investigation for non-employment reasons, such as purchasing a firearm, obtaining security clearance or access to a secure area, or accessing sensitive data. Investors may perform checks on potential business partners or the opposing side in a civil lawsuit.

A background check can take as little as one day if you are only looking for a criminal record. In some cases, the process can take up to two weeks. However, a professional who knows the background check process can complete it as expediently as possible.


What Does a Background Check Investigator Look For?

A background check investigator looks for inconsistencies in the data that they collect. They typically start by verifying information and conducting checks to look for a criminal record.

Verification is essential because people are commonly untruthful about educational attainment, licenses, and job experience. If some information seems suspicious, an investigator can look into it further. For example, they can contact a past employer to ask about the subject’s performance and why they left that job.

The main advantage of hiring a private investigator to perform a background check is that they can look into specific reports and investigate further when warranted. You can order a quick criminal background check investigation online, but this will not offer the same level of certainty as a dedicated investigator.

When it comes to employment, companies are spending a lot of money training and paying the salary of an employee, so a thorough background check is more than worth the investment.


How to Hire an Investigator for a Background Check

First of all, you want an investigator who will perform complete employment background checks, not just a criminal record check.

Secondly, you should hire an investigator who inspires confidence. Their findings will play a significant role in your hiring decisions, so you need to be absolutely certain of the results of the background check investigation.

When hiring a person for a position-of-trust job, it pays to use an investigator who is skilled in the specific area. For example, if you are hiring someone to perform background checks on attorneys, you want to work with an investigator who has performed this type of service in the past and knows where to obtain the necessary information and how to investigate further if needed.

Also, you should be sure that the investigator will provide a complete report of their findings so that you can see all the data and make an informed hiring decision.


How to Get Started with a Background Check Investigator

A complete background check investigation is worth the investment if you have confidence that it gets completed accurately and that the investigator covers all the bases during the process. Barefoot Professional Investigations has a proven track record in completing thorough background checks for employers, attorneys, and private legal matters. You can contact them today to learn more about these specialized services.

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