Pricing Info

We are happy to answer any questions about your case by telephone at no charge. Ideally, we attempt to make sure that we can assist you before taking your time to come in and meet with us. Most cases can be initiated by telephone; however, if you prefer to meet with us in person, we are happy to set up a convenient time.

Although every case is different, we typically charge an hourly rate for the most common types of cases. We operate from an initial retainer or deposit and then bill against that retainer in full. We will refund any unused portion of the retainer. Some cases require an additional retainer based on the circumstances of the case. Surveillance hourly rates do not vary by Investigator; however, other types of cases do vary based on the Investigator’s years of experience.

Our most common pricing inquiry is regarding surveillance cases. Effective March 1, 2019, we bill our surveillance hourly rate at $95 per hour and require a $3,500 retainer. All charges are billed against the initial retainer. Clients are notified once the retainer is used. A case assessment is then made to determine the most appropriate course of action. Our staff will offer recommendations based on our expertise; however, the Client ultimately decides if they want to continue.