Why Hire a Professional Investigator in Columbia, SC

Private investigators (PI) are independent civilian investigators who can be hired by individuals, groups, or NGOs to investigate matters. People and organizations hire private investigators for different reasons. Your reasons for hiring a professional investigator will vary depending on the issue you want help resolving and who you are.

There are many benefits that come with hiring a private investigator in Columbia, SC, including:

Background Checks

Hiring a new employee exposes your data, team, and business to a lot of unknown risks. For instance, employing someone with a troubled history can lead to harassment or medical lawsuits, money laundering, and financial losses for your business. Often, the recommended way to get to the truth is to hire a private investigator to conduct a background check.

A background check may delve into education history, personal references, civil records, employment history, and criminal records. The check will help verify a candidate’s claims and qualifications before you make an offer. Background screening is also key in helping your organization comply with federal and state hiring requirements.

Child Custody

In a custody situation, you might require evidence that strengthens your case or otherwise proves your innocence. Hiring a professional investigator can help tilt the evidence in your direction. Some of the useful information that will help you win your custody battle include:

  • Barred associates
  • Sexual abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal activity
  • Stability and lifestyle
  • Violation of visitation rights
  • Harmful or neglecting behavior
  • Drug and alcohol use

A PI will conduct surveillance on the other parent, their partners, and other people who are in your child’s life. Consequently, the investigator may reveal possible instances of abuse or neglect by taking videos or pictures and documenting everything.


Private investigators are frequently hired to help with family law cases. Using methods such as cultivating local sources, background checks, fact-finding, and surveillance, a private investigator can seek, verify and analyze information on any issue regarding the divorce. This helps to protect your financial and legal interests.

A PI can track down hidden funds or property to aid in the division of assets. The information gathered can also support prenuptial agreement claims. In some cases, a private investigator can interview divorce witnesses.

Financial Fraud

Your employees and others can exploit vulnerabilities in your business for personal gain. This can result in misappropriation of company assets, embezzlement, and other forms of financial fraud.

A private investigator can:

  • Scrutinize online purchasing, Paypal accounts, bank accounts, and payroll records to determine if an employee has engaged in embezzlement. The investigator can also locate the missing funds, which aids in possible recovery.
  • Determine if an insurance claim is valid or not. For instance, a professional investigator can investigate a nonexistent or exaggerated injury. They can also complete a cyber investigation on the insurance claimant.
  • Investigate debtors to determine whether they are concealing assets.

Counter Surveillance

Unfortunately, covert surveillance may be used against you in nefarious ways. For example, you can be a victim of electronic surveillance by GPS tracking, online harassment, listening and camera devices, and things of that nature. Similarly, stalkers can monitor your physical movement to become familiar with your daily routine and patterns.

A PI can identify if you are under surveillance and detect any threat to yourself, your business, or your family. This helps to keep corporate and personal information confidential, sealed, and, most importantly, protected.


The probate process is meant to guarantee a complete and fair division of assets as devised in a will or contained in an estate. However, this can be difficult if there’s insufficient information.

A private investigator can search nationwide to find business interests, property, brokerage accounts, and bank accounts that are not disclosed, forgotten, or unknown. The investigator will submit their findings to the courts and testify when necessary.

Track a Person

You can ask a private investigator to:

  • Track a person to ensure their safety.
  • Track your partner to know if they are faithful.
  • Track stolen vehicles.
  • Truck vehicles to see if they are used properly.

The private investigator will conduct the tracking without alerting the person being tracked. To accomplish this, the PI will use multiple tracking devices such as cell phone triangulation, GPS, radio tracking, and internet tracking. The investigator will also give you real-time updates on the person’s location and activities.

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