When To Hire a Private Investigator for Surveillance

If you haven’t been in a situation where you’ve needed to provide the type of evidence a private investigator can help you to gather, you might be thinking to yourself that hiring a private investigation firm seems like something that only happens in the movies.  

Barefoot Professional Investigations is more than just a private investigation service, and today we want to show you the ways we can be your most influential advocate in any number of real-life situations where the information and data we can provide to the court or law enforcement could change the lives of those who matter to you most.  

Why Charlotte Residents Hire Private Investigators

There is any number of situations where you can be on the wrong side of a domestic, professional, or legal dispute and not be able to prove your case. While many people wait until they know they are going to have to appear in court to start pulling together evidence to support their argument, we suggest a more proactive approach in many situations.

Domestic Situations Involving Children

Custody disputes are complicated, and the courts require extensive proof to make changes to any preexisting custody arrangements. If you feel that your child isn’t being treated with care or in danger with the other parent, you’ll need the assistance of a private investigator to gather that information to get that proof to the courts in the safest manner that proves your case. 

Similarly, we can provide background and surveillance if you feel that a babysitter or caregiver isn’t performing in the role as expected. 

Long Lost Loved Ones or Actively AWOL Family Members

Finding out late in life that you’re adopted can often lead to a desire to connect with your blood relatives later in life, but often this can be difficult due to the nature of adoption and associated records. In other cases, family members might be actively avoiding the rest of their family for financial reasons. In either case, our professional investigators at Barefoot PI have the resources to help reconnect families. 

Elderly Care

In recent years there have been a large number of malpractice cases against elderly care facilities and caregivers. If you feel that your elderly family member isn’t being treated with care or is in danger of being abused, and need proof to that effect to break a long-term care contract, our team of investigators can assist with gathering the information you need to change your elderly family member’s care situation.

Are You A Business Owner And Need Our Services?

We don’t just handle domestic investigations. For business owners we also provide support in injury cases, trademark disputes, employee theft, worker’s compensation, and fraud cases are all opportunities that our surveillance team can provide you with the evidence and data you need to make or support a case. 

We All Need Another Set of Eyes Sometimes – Let Barefoot PI Be Yours

Chances are if it’s a situation where you need surveillance to make a case against someone, you’ll likely be recognized trying to gather footage yourself, and that opens a whole other host of problems such as accusations of stalking and worse. And if it’s a situation where you can’t find a loved one, chances are they don’t want to be found, and you don’t have the resources to overcome their efforts to disappear. Whatever the actual situation, hiring a private investigator to gather surveillance will guarantee results. Learn more about our methods at Barefoot PI and find out if our services are right for you. 

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