What Industries Rely on Background Checks?

The economy may be grinding along a bit slower than usual right now, but there are still businesses hiring around Charlotte — and the pace will pick up with a vengeance as things reopen. That’s going to mean a lot of applications to sift through, and more background checks for diligent employers. But when are employee background check services strictly necessary, and when are they something that’s advisable but optional?


Jobs in NC that Require Background Checks

Each state varies in the professions for which it requires background checks. Generally speaking, professions working with vulnerable populations — especially children and the elderly — require some form of background check, and North Carolina is no exception in this regard, even if one item on the list below will surprise you:


  • Doctors, nurses and support staff in hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities
  • Substance abuse facilities
  • Child placement and welfare agencies
  • Home care agencies
  • Daycare facilities
  • Primary, secondary, and higher ed settings
  • Employees of any other facility not listed that provides care to children or seniors, whether for-profit or nonprofit
  • Barbers


Employment Background Checks for Other NC Businesses

Of course, just because the law doesn’t require a background check for your business or profession doesn’t mean that you ought not to perform checks on your prospective hires, or even spot-check current employees. When sensitive financial information is on the line, your reputation matters, or you’re simply trying to protect your business and its employees, the importance of background checks cannot be overstated.

But even this comes with a caveat. A good private investigator can legally uncover a vast trove of information on a prospective or current employee. However, depending on your needs and circumstances, not all of it will be useful; it’s necessary to fine-tune and precision target a background check so you get only what you need — and get it quickly enough to maintain a competitive edge. 


Other Things to Be Aware Of

In addition to the state laws we’ve already mentioned, there are other laws that can complicate background checks. That’s why a DIY approach isn’t your best bet (not to mention that automated systems don’t always return up-to-date or otherwise reliable information). You need to be compliant with federal law, as well as a growing number of local jurisdictions — Buncombe, Cumberland, Durham, Mecklenburg, and Wake counties, and cities like Charlotte and Asheville among them — that have passed “Ban the Box” laws. A professional investigator can help you stay compliant, and will ensure you have information that’s best suited to the position you’re filling. 


Employment Background Checks in Charlotte

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably for one of two reasons. On one hand, you may know you need a background check, and you’re looking for an experienced private investigator. In that case, congratulations, you’ve found us.

On the other hand, you may be a small business that’s looking to shore up the safety of your business and employees, but you may be wondering whether instituting background checks is overkill. 

In either case, the solution’s a simple one: call Barefoot Professional Investigations. We’ll take the time to understand your business and your needs, and if a background check makes sense, we’ll set about customizing a solution for you. Get in touch today!