What Are Private Investigators’ Obligations to Their Client?

If you’re looking for a private detective in Charlotte NC, there’s something you need to know. Even though the services we provide, from domestic investigations to background investigations, are important, how we work matters just as much — perhaps even more so than the services we provide. Barefoot Professional Investigations is effective because we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and because we keep our clients’ interests top of mind in everything we do. Let’s pull back the curtain and see why that is.


Safeguarding the Profession

There are many misconceptions surrounding the private investigation profession already. Many of these were sown by popular culture, by writers and others who either didn’t know the nature of the work, or who’ve decided to take a bit of artistic license in service to the story. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that yes, there is the occasional rogue actor who brings disrepute on the rest of us. 

We may not have created the stereotypes or the perception, but we’re aware of them; we also know that the best defense is our own integrity. To that end, we support our fellow professionals, we show zero tolerance for unethical and illegal conduct, and we do not turn a blind eye when we see misconduct. This protects us and our clients alike.


Safeguarding Relationships

The private investigator’s trade finds us interacting with folks from all walks of life, across many different professions. We strive to treat all with respect, forming solid relationships with law enforcement, the legal profession, and the public alike. While we take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, we’re aware that our investigations — from background checks to custody investigations — often involve other individuals. We take care to obey the letter and spirit of the law so that those individuals’ rights are honored as well.


Safeguarding Clients

Besides the protections afforded to our clients by our conduct toward the profession and the public, there are other measures we follow that are more readily apparent in our client relationships.

  • Because conflicts of interest may be rare, but do exist, we will disclose them  immediately should they arise, and discuss the steps we’ll take to address them
  • Because our clients often face legal exposure or liability concerns of their own, which is why we take extraordinary care to ensure that exposure is minimized
  • Because your reputation is as important to us as our own, we will not engage in entrapment, or other forms of illegal conduct, in the course of an investigation
  • Because our evidence may need to stand up in a court of law, we strictly follow chains of custody and other rules of evidence
  • Because trust and confidentiality matter, we will keep our clients’ confidence to the fullest extent allowed by law
  • Because the world, the threats it contains, and our profession are all evolving, we are constantly learning; this allows us to change with the times and better serve our clients

When you’re looking for facts — for your business, your personal life, or even about the profession as you look for investigation services in Charlotte — we’re here to help. Get in touch with Barefoot Professional Investigations for a confidential consultation and the answers you seek.