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Barefoot Professional Investigations is by far the most professional investigation firm I have ever encountered. Whether you are working with Jan Barefoot or with one of the other highly skilled investigators on her team, you receive prompt and discreet information gathering of the utmost quality. In addition, Barefoot Professional Investigations works with you to minimize cost and focus resources where they are most needed to gain the highest quality results. At the same time, because of the fluid nature of investigating legal cases, there are times that things must be done on the fly, and the professional judgment exercised by this firm has at times saved valuable information from being lost because of the passage of time or opportunity. I would recommend Barefoot Professional Investigations to anyone who needs investigative services.
Jeremy B. Smith, Attorney at Law
Smith Horton Law, PLLC
My work as an attorney who operates a practice by myself with just two staff assistants requires the need for effective and thorough investigative work to do my job in the best way possible. I will not be able to repeat the number of instances in given cases where Barefoot Professional Investigations either found a witness that made the difference in my case, found the documents that provided a completely different outlook regarding what the truth was in a case or suggested a unique way that might produce valuable information for my case. I say with absolutely zero hesitation or reservation that every case where I employed the investigation services of Jan and her staff, the outcomes of my clients’ cases were far better than when we started the case and my comfort was complete in knowing that every necessary rock of information for the case had been turned over. I think I give my clients valuable, solid advice on their legal matters and some of the best involves suggesting we employ Barefoot Professional Investigations to assist in the investigation. Period.
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Kenneth Swain, Attorney at Law
Swain Law, PC
I have known Jan Barefoot and have worked with her since 1980. In all the cases I have used Jan for, she has always been prompt, attentive and really has the client’s best interest at heart.

Needless to say, she is an extremely thorough investigator and her entire staff is held in the same high regard as Jan herself.

I have noticed many times when Jan walks into a crime scene, the officers, investigators, etc., really take notice of her thoroughness and ability to find the minute details that win cases or result in favorable pleas.

I would highly recommend Jan and her entire office.

George V. Laughrun II
George V. Laughrun, II, Attorney at Law
Goodman, Carr, Laughrun, Levine & Greene, PLLC