Using Expert Testimony in Court

The American justice system is built around the premise of innocent until proven guilty, leaving the burden of proof on the prosecution. In making their case, prosecuting attorneys often have to enlist the help of experts from various fields of study and disciplines to verify or elaborate upon different kinds of evidence, Whether to show the veracity of a certain type of evidence or to show that events occurred in a certain way, experts are a key component in the trial process.

Equally important to the legal process is that there is a mechanism to vet the integrity and veracity of the evidence provided by expert witnesses. That’s where Barefoot PI and other investigative services come into the picture with background checks and other methods for verifying expert claims.

A Parade Of Experts

While we’re going to give a rundown of the types of experts you can most likely expect to see sitting in on a court case, understand that the list of potential experts is as long as there are topics that could be brought up in the course of a trial. Here are some disciplines you can expect to see in the witness box.                                                                                                                                                   

Family and Parenting Experts

Family law, especially that dealing with custody and children’s rights, can be complicated. It often requires having to determine whether or not children are emotionally capable of handling changes to their living situations, including location and scheduling arrangements. Sometimes, experts also need to be brought in to assess a parent’s ability to care for their child relative to the parent’s progress in a rehabilitation program. The expert’s assessment is presented in court after the expert has spent time with the family during in-home visits where they observe parents interacting with children.

Medical Experts

There is a wide range of cases where expert testimony from a medical expert would be extremely valuable. From personal injury and malpractice cases to certain kinds of criminal cases, the input of doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, or any other trained medical professional can be considered invaluable. 

Mental Health

While mental health experts could fall under medical expert testimony, there are very specialized situations where a mental health expert’s assessment is necessary to the resolution of a case. Mental health experts help determine questions such as determining if a person was in control of their mental state when making changes to a will, or was a murderer able to control themselves at the moment of harming the victim. Mental health experts are allowed to evaluate all parties involved and provide their opinions in court. 

Financial Experts

Domestic cases often require a division of property and assets. Financial experts provide insight into the state of the couple’s finances, using forensic methods to ensure nothing is being held back in the form of hidden accounts or property. They can also determine the value of lost wages in situations where it’s relevant to the case. 

…And So Many More

Lawyers are often tasked with having to make sense out of a wide range of events and situations, so there’s no end to the types of experts they might have to rope into a case to make their case or establish proof of a theory.

  • Engineering experts
  • Forensic Professionals
  • Vocational Work Experts
  • Securities and Exchange Professionals

Trust But Verify–Vetting Experts Through Private Investigation

Court cases rely on the professional opinions of experts as often as they rely on facts and truth. So when a lawyer decides to bring in a trusted resource to bolster their case, that professional’s credentials and character must be unquestionable. That’s why lawyers rely on Barefoot PI and other private investigation services to provide extensive background checks verifying witness credentials via witness interviews and providing any backup documentation to witness testimony. Private investigators on our team are often themselves called expert witnesses to testify in support of other witnesses’ assessments because of the background checks we’ve run.

Barefoot PI Provides You The Backup You Need In Court

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