Types of Child Custody

Child custody — what does custody mean?

When you’re going through a divorce or separation, the child’s best interests should be safeguarded at all times, which is why it’s so crucial to secure a fair custody arrangement. Below, we’ll cover what custody means and what types of child custody arrangements exist in Charlotte, NC. 

Types of child custody 

Child custody is a broad term covering what living and care arrangements are in place to protect a child’s interests. Generally speaking, there are four types of child custody. 


Legal custody vs. physical custody: the child lives with the parent who has “physical custody.” The other parent has “legal custody,” meaning they have visitation rights.


One parent gets sole custody if the court finds the other parent unfit or abusive. If you’re going for sole custody, child custody investigations are especially helpful. 


The child splits their time between both parents. But how does “joint” custody work in practice? Well, parents share responsibility for the child’s welfare and interests. 

Common arrangements include a 60/40 parenting plan or an 80/20 custody schedule, but the specific arrangement always depends on each family’s circumstances.


Grandparents may obtain child custody if they can show that the parents are incompetent and/or abusive.

Why you should hire a private investigator in Charlotte for your child custody case

Child custody investigations can be extremely sensitive and complex — here’s how we can help.

Our process

To begin, we’ll perform a full background check on the custodial parent. This includes everything from running a criminal record check to documenting their social and professional behavior. Then, we record everything we see and discover in an ethical manner, which allows you to decide how best to move forward with your case. 

What to expect

We’ll keep you fully updated as our investigations progress. We’re always here to answer any questions and concerns you may have — our goal is to get you the fairest possible result. 

Are findings admissible in court?

Yes. As professional private investigators, we operate within the law at all times, which means that the evidence we obtain can be admissible in court. 

Child custody investigations at Barefoot PI 

Don’t leave your child custody case to chance. Private investigation services can help you secure a fair custodial agreement. Contact us to learn more about our process, or visit our resources page for more information. 

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