Should I Hire a Private Investigator for Child Custody?

Custody battles can get sticky. Parents don’t always agree on what is best for the children or which parent they should live with. If this is your situation, it might be smart to hire a private investigator (PI). 

You want to do everything you can to keep custody of your children, and a private investigator can often find useful information that will help you win your custody battle. Here’s how they can help you.

Types of child custody cases in Charlotte

You want your children to grow up in a safe, stable environment with two loving parents, but sometimes that can’t happen. When a divorce or separation occurs, parents must decide who the kids will live with. Here are some of the different types of child custody:


Sole custody is when one parent has full custody of a child. If the parent has full legal custody, that means that parent has the right to make all major decisions in that child’s life. Sole physical custody is when the child lives solely with that parent. The other parent may have visitation rights.


Joint custody means both parents have rights to their child. In a case with joint physical custody, the child spends certain periods of time living with each parent. Joint legal custody means that the parents must consult and agree with each other on any major decisions in the child’s life.


In rare cases, neither parent may be fit to take care of a child, or maybe both parents are deceased. In this case, physical and legal custody of the children can be granted to their grandparents. 

What does a child custody investigator look for?

Private investigators look for certain things in child custody cases, including criminal records and abuse. They can legally obtain information that you need proof of so you can win your custody battle. 

Criminal record

Private investigators can do a background investigation, looking for any criminal record your ex-partner may have on file. 


PIs can gather evidence on any domestic or child abuse that may have occurred. 

Drug/alcohol use

Excessive alcohol use or drug use can be a problem. PIs collect evidence and run surveillance to gather information on any addictions your ex may have. 

How do Charlotte PIs collect evidence for child custody cases?

Barefoot Private Investigations has been part of many child custody cases. We have helped parents come to an agreement on joint custody, and we have helped provide the information that a parent may need to get awarded sole custody of their children. Here are some of the techniques we use.


We conduct surveillance discreetly, so your partner is unaware of our presence. This helps us identify how a person would normally act when left to their own devices. If your partner is acting suspicious or doing something that could harm your child, we can make the court aware of that information. 

Witness statements

Barefoot PI will talk to witnesses that know all parties involved to get character information about the person in question. If your partner is doing something that could hurt your children, we will make the court aware of it. 

Background checks

We run background checks, looking for any information that may hinder a person’s ability to be a good role model and parent for their children. Being a single parent or sharing custody isn’t always easy. To do what is right for your children, you must do what is necessary, even if that means involving a third party. If you have any questions on how Barefoot PI can help with your child custody case, contact us today.

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