How to Know If You Need a Cell Phone Forensics Expert

The massive use of cell phones over the past few decades has led to the area of cell phone forensics. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, where they store valuable information such as pictures, contacts, and records of their conversations and text messages. A cell phone is like a personal journal for many people, as it keeps records of even the most personal areas of their life.

A cell phone forensic expert extracts the digital information in a cell phone to use as evidence in court. They have the expertise to retrieve deleted messages and to obtain data from burned, soaked, or otherwise damaged cell phones. This data plays an important role in many of today’s court cases. 

What Can Cell Phone Forensics Find?

Cell phone forensics can obtain a variety of types of digital evidence by analyzing:

  • Text messages
  • Location data
  • Contacts
  • Pictures and videos
  • Calls to and from the phone
  • Web browser history

In addition to finding current information, investigators can also recover and analyze deleted or lost information. These are just a few of the things that make hiring an investigator worthwhile.

Courts sometimes require evidence that proves a case beyond a reasonable doubt. The more evidence the attorney has, the more likely they are to win. That means that the evidence obtained through the mobile forensics process sometimes supports other evidence in the case. Alone, it might not win the case. But when combined with other solid evidence, it makes the attorney’s argument more believable.

Types of Evidence Obtained from a Cell Phone

Cell phone forensics often provide evidence for divorce cases. Digital evidence sometimes reveals assets that one spouse tries to hide from the other. They might also have evidence that they are an unfit parent, or to prove that their spouse is unfaithful.

How far back can text messages be traced? Investigators use the extraction of deleted data during the mobile forensics process to retrieve deleted data. They create a forensic image by gathering information after it is copied, encrypted, and compressed into a file. This allows them to load the file into special software to analyze it long after deleting it.

People sometimes also ask, “What types of evidence can be obtained from a cell phone I own?” There are reasons that a person might want their own phone analyzed, such as when someone has hacked their media.

How Long Does Cell Phone Forensics Take?

While there is new technology that allows law enforcement to obtain data much faster, an investigator can retrieve the information in four to eight hours. The speed at which the information is available makes it easy to prepare for court.

Do You Need a Cell Phone Forensics Expert?

Whether you need solid evidence for a court case or you suspect your phone has been hacked, a cell phone forensic expert can provide you with much-needed data. They have the tools and certifications needed to extract digital data safely.

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