How Do Private Investigators Catch Cheaters?

Do you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating? If so, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator to see if your suspicions are true.

In many cases, the odd behavior changes you’ve seen in your partner and your subsequent doubts and fears end up being completely unfounded. In fact, this is quite common. Still, it’s often worth hiring a professional to investigate so that you can officially put your reservations behind you when necessary.

Of course, in other cases, cheating does occur, and it’s your private investigator who can find this out for you. While it’s certainly painful to realize that someone you thought you could trust has decided to betray that trust, it’s also worth knowing. That way, you can either confront the situation directly and work it out or, as is the case with many individuals, get out of a bad relationship and move on.

Either way, hiring a cheating private investigator will help you solve your mystery.

How Private Investigators Work

Private investigators understand that our clients rely on us to be discreet and ethical. They want the information that we can provide, but they certainly don’t want us to do anything immoral in order to get it. We definitely don’t want that either.

For this reason, we have strict guidelines when it comes to following and checking up on potential cheaters. We’ll use various methods to keep tabs on them. For example, we might do any of the following:

1. Follow a potentially cheating partner

When you think of a private investigator, you probably think of someone in neutral, discreet clothing who is lagging behind the person they are tracking and noting their every movement without becoming noticed.

Actually, this is fairly accurate.

Tracking and following are some of the best strategies we have as private investigators. Of course, today, we have far better technology than we did back in the 60s and 70s. Things like GPS tracking systems allow us to keep tabs on your partner’s car, for example, without them ever realizing it.

GPS trackers offer precise location data that we can analyze and match up against the places where your partner is supposed to be — or where they tell you they are or have been. GPS data alone can reveal who the real cheaters are.

2. Keep track of their stories and potential lies

When you are the partner of someone you suspect is cheating, your judgment can be clouded. Perhaps your partner goes away for a business trip. The entire time they are gone, they never call you to check in. This is alarming to you, but when they return home, they explain that they were busy the whole time and that they had spotty reception at their hotel.

Maybe another time, you expect them to be home at 6pm for dinner, but they’re nowhere to be found until midnight. They say they had car trouble and tell you a long tale of distress. You believe them.

In both of these cases, the explanations that the partner told could be completely true. But again, when you’re the person that is potentially being cheated on, you have strong feelings and emotions within the relationship, and these can hinder your ability to judge potential lies and keep track of the various stories that an actual cheater might tell.

Private investigators are objective observers. We don’t have any skin in the game, in other words. In this way, we are better able to judge the stories that potential cheaters may tell. Of course, we can also keep track of the whereabouts and goings-on of these individuals and help you to see when their stories aren’t lining up with the facts.

3. Check their texting history and Internet browser history

Again, technology saves the day here. We now have the ability to take a look at the texting history and sometimes the email history of certain individuals. Additionally, one of the easiest ways to learn information about a person’s habits and whereabouts is to check their browsing history on the Internet. Most browsers make it easy to do this, and not many people take the time to clear their browsing history on a consistent basis.

When we can get an idea of who your partner is interacting with on a regular basis, what they’re saying, what they’re buying, what they’re planning for in the future, and basically, what they do with their spare time, we can get a fuller picture of their regular behaviors. This, in turn, can tell us if they’re cheating or not.

Do You Think Your Partner Is Cheating?

Just because you suspect that your partner is cheating doesn’t mean they really are. But again, if you truly have fears about a lying spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, it’s worth finding out more information in a discreet way. Contact Barefoot Professional Investigations to learn more about our domestic investigation services.

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