How an Investigator Can Help Your Charlotte Business

You can hire a private investigator for many reasons. While a PI can help with fidelity, child custody, or civil litigation cases, they can also provide services for businesses. In fact, skilled professionals can provide invaluable help to companies for everything from employee background checks to intellectual property theft investigations.

Here is a closer look at what a corporate investigator can do and the methods they use to help their clients.

What can a Charlotte private investigator do for your business?

Private investigators in Charlotte can perform a wide range of services. Here are some of the most common reasons companies choose to work with PIs.

  • Employee background checks. A corporate investigator can run background checks on new hires. In addition to looking for criminal records, they check qualifications and references, assess social media activity and look at credit history and driving records.
  • Fraud investigations. PIs can investigate or conduct surveillance on employees suspected of theft, fraud, or other corporate wrongdoing.
  • Collections. An investigator can track down clients with past-due accounts and help companies obtain payment or collect evidence for legal action.
  • Due diligence. An experienced corporate investigator can help a company perform its due diligence before making an investment, acquiring another company, signing a contract, or beginning a partnership. A PI typically looks for inconsistencies and verifies information before the company takes action.
  • Security services. A PI can offer debugging assistance or help increase cybersecurity if a company worries about corporate espionage, spying, or IP theft.

In today’s digital business environments, companies often hire a private investigator to collect information off cellphones, computers, or networks.

What to look for in a private investigator

You should seek private investigators who have specific qualities.

  • Experience is obviously important. You should ensure that the agency you choose has investigators who are experienced in general and have worked on cases similar to yours in the past. Experience is especially important for court cases because the PI needs to follow specific guidelines to ensure evidence, interviews, and pictures are admissible.
  • A good PI should be willing to work with you. No two companies have exactly the same needs. A corporate investigator should listen to your needs and then tailor their services to meet them.
  • You should also verify the basics, such as checking the PI license, asking about insurance, checking their online footprint, and looking at reviews or testimonials online.

Finally, a PI agency should have all the necessary tools for the job, including surveillance equipment, digital forensics systems, and debugging tools,

How to hire a qualified Charlotte private investigator

If you need to hire a private investigator in Charlotte for business-related work, you should find someone with experience and proven results. Barefoot PI has been in business in Charlotte for 35 years. Our investigators have extensive experience working with law firms, businesses, and individuals. If your company needs a corporate investigator, this is the level of experience that you need. Contact Barefoot PI for a consultation today.

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