Does Computer Forensics Make Sense When You Have an IT Department?

Most modern businesses are heavily dependent on technology. Whether you have a server farm onsite or most of your business resides in the cloud, you may have an IT staff to ensure that everything works as it should. But what if something goes wrong — espionage, malware, a hack, a data leak — necessitating an internal investigation or the reconstruction of lost data? Is your IT department the best team for the job? Or are you better off seeking out computer forensics in Charlotte NC?


Your IT Department’s Role: Cybersecurity

Your IT staff is responsible for quite a bit. They may have designed your system, but even if the system is older than your IT pro, they’re also monitoring, maintaining, and protecting your system. They’re preventing data breaches and losses, the leaks of sensitive information, infection by viruses and ransomware, and performing other tasks by the dozen so your critical IT infrastructure meets the demands placed on it.

That comes with certain challenges, especially for businesses running legacy software on older hardware that can’t handle a newer operating system. It’s easy enough for bad actors to infiltrate even the most modern systems and mobile devices with advanced protective measures, but older systems are especially vulnerable. Even those not actively trying to hack your system may be trying to cover other misconduct — the leaking of your business secrets, a touch of embezzlement, a little cooking of the books — that an IT professional isn’t trained to ferret out.


Computer Forensics in Charlotte NC: the Professional Investigator’s Role

So why call a private investigator for computer forensics, such as Barefoot Professional Investigations, rather than falling back on your IT department? Even though they’re two sides of the same coin, the choice doesn’t come down to a flip of that coin. Barefoot Professional Investigations brings different tools, and a much different skill set, to the table.

In much the same way that you’d call a locksmith to prevent your home being broken into, you’re relying on your IT team to lock down your systems and prevent problems. But once there’s a break-in, you call someone who can figure out what’s gone wrong and track down the culprits. 

That’s where Barefoot Professional Investigations comes in; we combine advanced computer forensics tools with decades’ worth of experience, finding things that others usually wished had stayed hidden. We recover, reconstruct, and copy data, investigating, cross-checking, and verifying as we go. At the end of the process, you’ll be presented with a Finding Report that can be used to shore up your IT infrastructure, but which is also useful in litigation, depositions, and discovery.


What to Do When You Need Computer Forensics

Even though your IT department — whether that department is a team, or one person diligently working away to keep everything humming — doesn’t necessarily perform computer forensics, there’s still value in the preventive work they’re doing. But information security is a bit like an arms race, with each side working hard to stay one step ahead of the other, and occasionally those who would do your business harm gain the upper hand.

When that happens, you’re not alone. Computer forensics finds a wide range of uses, including the resolution of business disputes and making up key evidence in criminal and civil cases. We also have skills and methods that the best-equipped IT departments lack, including the ability to conduct background investigations and witness interviews, ensuring that you’re seeing the whole picture and taking decisive, effective action. If you need help, don’t hesitate; contact Barefoot Professional Investigations today.