Debugging and Countermeasures

Debugging and Countermeasures

Who Could Be Listening?

In today’s world, we often hear suspicions of a security breach involving someone tapping into WiFi or placing listening devices to gain information. These types of privacy invasions are common in domestic and custody cases but may be often overlooked in civil cases. Unfortunately, not all individuals (or private investigators) are above board and could get desperate enough to consider taking illegal steps to gain information to give them the upper hand in a case. This is often done in domestic situations when one party is trying to obtain evidence to gain leverage against the other party in cases dealing with adultery or child custody issues. Even if you own the home, it could be considered an invasion of privacy for you to place listening devices or cameras inside the home to watch your spouse when you are not present.

It is all too frequent that an individual’s user name and password for their WiFi modem remains at a factory default to “admin” and “admin.” These are things that we do not normally think about. Someone could be sitting outside your home and log on to your WiFi, enabling them to track your activity. This is a common mistake that occurs because life can be busy, and we often become complacent and lax about our personal security.

If you are a party to a dispute or potential legal action, it is good practice to make sure your personal space remains just that….YOUR personal space. You need to be certain that no one has the ability to log on your WiFi, listen to what is being said in your own home, or watch what you are doing inside your home. In North Carolina, a licensed Countermeasures Investigator can perform a sweep of your personal space for both listening devices and cameras. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your conversations and your activities are kept private.

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