Background Checks Aren’t Just for Large Corporations

As the growth in the small business sector accelerates across multiple industries, business owners are learning by example and through trial and error that the best practices employed by large corporations sometimes apply to them too. This can be seen in the need for small businesses to identify strong candidates to add to their teams through the use of background checks.

In this discussion, Barefoot PI makes a case for why small businesses should be leveraging increasingly affordable background checks through service providers. We’ll talk about the dangers of hiring individuals without performing a check, and the benefits background checks provide in the long run.  

Don’t Open the Door to Malicious Actors

The hiring process, no matter what industry you operate within, is brutally time-consuming. On top of the time and effort involved, it also has the chance to be one of the most brand-damaging processes you can undertake if you don’t follow best practices. 

Perhaps the most important step that you must include in your hiring routine is identifying a vendor that can perform background checks. With the Charlotte economic landscape largely composed of financial services, healthcare services, and the industries that support those business models, it’s important to do your due diligence to make sure you’re not unknowingly hiring someone with extensive and obvious red flags in their past.   

Compliance First

Depending upon the role and industry you’re hiring for, there could be certifications and licensure that are required to perform in certain roles. In some instances, background checks are a required step in hiring for those roles, and cannot be skipped.

Brand Integrity 

In roles that don’t require a background check as a condition of licensing or certification, it’s still important to the integrity of the work that you do to have a base-level background check conducted on candidates. In this situation, you could learn that a candidate might not have the experience they claim to have or might be hiding a criminal record that would prevent them from being hired.

In today’s business environment, it’s just as important for employees to separate their personal lives from their professional ones. A background check could reveal poor decision making and an inability to keep business-related matters private and off of social media platforms.  

Choosing the Right Background Check Service Provider

As a small business, you’re going to have different needs in terms of how often you will require service, but the types of background checks you will need to be carried out shouldn’t be all that different from larger organizations. Determine fee structures and ensure that the information gathered as part of the service is sufficient for your needs.  

Barefoot PI Can Help You Get to Know Your Candidates 

No matter the role for which you are hiring, or the size of your Charlotte-based business, Barefoot PI can provide the appropriate level of vetting and ensure you won’t be surprised by undisclosed information. Get the protection you need to ensure the security and integrity of your organization with our comprehensive investigative services. 

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