Witness Interviewing 101

Eyewitnesses can be unreliable. Memories can be incomplete, fading as time passes. A witness may embellish what they saw to inflate their own role in something, or downplay it to hide their own or someone else’s guilt. That can make getting to the truth seem impossible — frustrating, to say the least, when your reputation, your business, or even your freedom are on the line. That’s why many attorneys turn to Barefoot Professional Investigations for legal witness interviews in Charlotte NC.


The Uses of Witness Interviews

Witness interviews play their part in a number of investigative settings. Often as not, they complement other investigative methods used by Barefoot Professional Investigations, from domestic and child custody investigations to computer forensics, debugging, and electronic countermeasures. Sometimes we’re establishing a fact pattern to understand how a situation reached a certain point, while in other cases we’re helping with more urgent concerns like trial preparation. Time is often of the essence, demanding that we work quickly but with no cut corners and no room for error.


The Mechanics of Witness Interviews

A good witness interview doesn’t just rely on a laundry list of standard questions. It requires an experienced interviewer who knows how to approach a recalcitrant subject — or one who’s covering for another individual — with the appropriate firmness to know that we mean business, but with enough sensitivity to get the facts from someone who may themselves have been victimized, or are frightened for other reasons. 

Getting honest and complete information doesn’t just involve sensitivity. There’s no small amount of trust involved, too. That’s why any private investigator worth their salt will not seek to entrap a witness, nor will we mislead them into thinking we’re a law enforcement official. Not only is it highly unethical, it’s also illegal.

Our experience shows itself in another way, as well. There are many different types of evidence, some of it admissible in court and others not. We’re often talking to multiple witnesses, evaluating their statements against a mountain of physical, documentary, and anecdotal evidence alongside the context provided by other witnesses. Through it all, we’re following strict evidentiary standards for that which is admissible and establishing connections between various types of evidence because a witness statement can still serve an investigative purpose even when it’s not being used in a courtroom setting.


The Benefits of Witness Interviews

Author Gay Hendricks talks about the “zone of genius,” the work which is most effortless for you. Lawyering is undeniably hard work, but anything that takes you out of that zone isn’t just creating busywork; it’s not always going to be the best use of your trial prep — or your billable hours. The witness interviews conducted by Barefoot Professional Investigations aren’t a substitute for getting in the zone; rather, we augment your skillset, giving you the extra set of eyes, ears, and hands on a case that helps you ensure a better outcome for your clients. 

Why us, and not some other private investigation firm for witness interviews in Charlotte? Our people, their experience (three decades’ worth), and a skill set that covers everything from interviewing to background investigations hasn’t just helped us better serve our clients; it’s helped them to better serve theirs. For interviewing services you can trust, call 704-377-1000 or email us today.