Why Your Business Might Need a Corporate Bug Sweep

Being spied on by a bug or hidden camera doesn’t just happen in movies. Corporate espionage via technical surveillance is a legitimate concern for businesses, especially those in competitive industries in metropolitan areas. If your competitor uses a surveillance device to acquire sensitive information about your business, they could use what they’ve learned to compromise your organization’s future. 

Thankfully, you can protect your business’s interests and privacy by arranging for a corporate bug sweep. A bug sweep, or security sweep, typically involves an electronic and physical inspection of your workspace and devices. If you suspect that your workplace privacy has been compromised, you should hire a professional or conduct a business bug sweep yourself. 

How to Detect Listening Devices

If you intend to conduct a corporate bug sweep without professional help or a radiofrequency scanner, there are a few techniques you can use to detect listening devices. The first method is to simply look and see if there’s anything out of place around the office. Carefully examine as much of your workplace as possible. You should be looking under furniture, behind picture frames, by smoke detectors, clocks, and lamps. 

It’s important to note that bugs need a power supply, as batteries don’t last long. If there’s a listening device in your workplace, it’s likely connected to some sort of power source. While searching for listening devices, take the time to trace all the wires and USB cords in your office. You should also check your workplace router and flag any connected devices that you don’t recognize. 

How to Find Hidden Cameras

More concerned about hidden cameras than listening bugs? They’re easier to find than you might think, even without an infrared scanner. There are multiple user-friendly apps for both iPhones and Android phones that you can use to scan your workplace for camera lenses.

Hire Someone to Sweep for Bugs and Cameras

Even with the information provided above, there’s still a chance you could overlook something when attempting a bug sweep in your workplace or residence. That’s why you should consider hiring a private detective agency to conduct a sweep and secure your space. 

A professional agency, like Barefoot PI, has the top-of-the-line detection methods and equipment necessary to find hidden cameras or bugs in your workplace. At Barefoot PI, we can conduct RF Spectrum sweeps to find transmitters and Silent Sweeps to determine if there are any cameras or listening bugs currently in operation. We’re also licensed to perform Digital Forensics on your device to ensure you’re not being targeted digitally.

Barefoot PI’s Licensed Investigators Can Help

Since our founding over 35 years ago, Barefoot Professional Investigations has been a trusted resource for major law firms, corporations, and thousands of individuals across North and South Carolina. We offer a wide range of services through our private detective agency, including diligent corporate bug sweeps, background checks, computer forensics, and much more.

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