Why Hire a Professional Investigator in Charlotte, NC

You don’t have to tackle all of life’s obstacles on your own. There are some situations that call for expert assistance, such as a professional investigator’s services. If you’re not familiar with the term, a private investigator (PI) is a freelance detective that performs investigations for private citizens. 

A private investigator in Charlotte, NC can help you navigate crises and find solutions. Not sure when you’d need a PI? Let’s discuss reasons to hire a private investigator, the qualities to look for in a PI, and how to go about hiring one. Soon you’ll have all the info you need to seek out help in the future. 

Why You Would Need a Private Investigator

In what situations would you need to hire a professional investigator in Charlotte, NC? There are actually more scenarios than you might assume. A great PI will offer a wide variety of services to get you the resolution or results you’re looking for. You may hire a PI in cases involving:

Child Custody Hearings

If parents are unable to come to an agreement, they may begin acting irrationally. A PI can conduct searches and surveillance tactics to ensure that a child’s safety is being prioritized. 

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Background checks are one of the best ways to improve workplace safety and reduce employee turnover. Thankfully, a PI can perform a background check very efficiently. If your job candidate has been dishonest with you in some way, a PI will find out how. 

Missing Persons

Need assistance locating a missing person? If so, it couldn’t hurt to contact a PI. They can use their connections and experience to find new leads and uncover information. They can also dedicate a great deal of their time to the investigation, which isn’t always the case with law enforcement.

Contentious Divorces

A PI can find proof of marital infidelity, asset hiding, and other things that may initiate a divorce. They can also offer information and updates that may come in handy during the actual divorce proceedings. 

Security Concerns

Worried that you’re being watched via a hidden camera or eavesdropped on through a recording device? If so, it’s time to hire a PI to perform a professional bug sweep of your devices and workplace or home. A PI will know how to best locate these devices and what to do with them once they’re uncovered. 

Qualities To Look For in a Professional Investigator

Of course, you shouldn’t hire just anyone who calls themselves a private investigator. Doing so could be the same as throwing money down the drain. Instead, there are important qualities you should look out for before hiring any PI. 

They should be licensed, well-connected (with police officers, lawyers, tech gurus, etc.), experienced, and have both quality equipment and a deep understanding of the law. You also want a PI that will provide you with facts and evidence through progress updates, photographs, copies of records, and more.

How To Hire a Private Investigator in NC

With Barefoot Professional Investigations, hiring a private investigator in North or South Carolina couldn’t be easier. For over 35 years, we’ve offered our wide array of PI services to people in Charlotte, Columbia, and beyond. Whether you need someone to perform a corporate bug sweep or a thorough background check, we’re here to help.

You can get in touch with our knowledgeable team by calling 704-377-1000 (Charlotte, NC) or 803-973-8999 (Columbia, SC), emailing info@barefootpi.com, or completing our online form. We hope to hear from you soon.

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