What To Look for in a Professional Investigator

The search for a good and reliable private investigator can feel overwhelming. You don’t just need this person to do their job well, but you need to be able to trust them with often private or sensitive information.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

There are many reasons for hiring a private investigator. Your company may be hiring for an important position or looking at potential business partners and want to conduct some background checks. Or, you may be subject to some kind of threat in your personal or professional life.

Other people benefit from private investigators when an important person in their lives – a relative or loved one – has gone missing. You may also hire an investigator if you are concerned about a cheating partner or have other interpersonal issues of trust that you need examined. Investigators can help gather evidence for child custody cases.

What to Look for in a Private Investigator

When hiring a private investigator for the first time, be sure to meet them in person. If that is completely impossible for scheduling, time, or other reasons, you could consider a face-to-face video meeting. The important thing to do is to have that initial meeting so that you can get a very good read on the person’s professionalism and ability to be discreet and trustworthy.

As you interact, you will get a sense of the person’s integrity, reliability, and manner. In some cases, you may need them to testify in a civil or criminal court, so their ability to competently communicate the facts will be important. If they interrupt you, avoid your questions, or are vague, they may not be a good match. If they are insensitive to personal information, they may not be the best hire for you.

The Most Important Trait a Private Investigator Must Have

Your private investigator must be qualified for the specific job you have in mind and be able to do it well. If you have legal issues, they should have civil or criminal case work qualifications. Former police officers may be qualified to work on some types of cases, but not on others.

So be sure to ask the PI about the number of years they have been doing their work and the cases similar to yours that they have worked on. Make sure they have the strengths that your particular issue would benefit from.

Other Important Qualities

On a practical level, it is vital that the investigator has their license and that it is valid in your state. They should also be able to show you proof of insurance. Further, it is often beneficial if they or their company are members of professional organizations such as the National Association of Investigative Specialists, or the National Council of Investigation and Security Services.

It is also important to be able to work with an investigator who is persistent. You want someone who is patient and determined to go above and beyond to methodically study, monitor, read and investigate the issue.

Two other vital qualities are creativity and clear communication. The investigator should be willing to discuss how they will conduct the investigation. That includes the sorts of sources, techniques, and methods they will employ. While they may keep the details to themselves, they should be willing to demonstrate they have a reasonable plan and that it doesn’t involve breaking the law or doing something unethical.

Hiring a PI

Like any profession, investigators have different specialties, experiences, and abilities. When trusting someone with such important information, it is important to first check their resumes, websites, and social profiles, as well as call their references, and verify their license.

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