Types of Background Checks

A quality private detective agency like Barefoot Professional Investigations in Charlotte, North Carolina, will typically provide a broad range of background check services that can serve an even broader range of functions. Because no two background checks are created equal, it is absolutely essential to understand the reasons for and the purposes behind each background check in order to cover appropriate areas and unearth relevant information.

Barefoot Professional Investigations caters its background checks to meet the specific and unique needs of each client. To better meet exact needs and expectations, we offer background check services in areas that go far beyond general criminal, education, and employment history. We can use our resources to check credit ratings and look for names on the official North Carolina sex offender registry. Because people often reveal their true selves on their Facebook or Instagram posts, Barefoot Professional Investigations even conducts thorough investigations into relevant social media accounts.

Diverse Background Checks for Diverse Purposes

Professionals with a wide variety of occupational histories require background checks to vet individuals and/or confirm their credibility. In many cases, a background check can also prove beneficial for personal reasons.

To better serve clients of all kinds, Barefoot Professional Investigations offers a suite of distinct background check services. Although the objectives for each of the background checks below may be quite different, Barefoot Professional Investigations takes equal care to deliver consistent results using all the tools at our disposal.

Employment and Business Background Checks

Because fears of legal retribution often prevent companies from delivering frank feedback about past employees, wise companies everywhere are paying for professional background checks as part of their standard hiring processes. If you work in a specialized or high-stakes field, you will want to make absolutely certain that your new hires are presenting accurate credentials and hold up-to-date certifications. These kinds of precautions can be equally essential when vetting potential business partners. After all, you don’t want to associate yourself with unsavory or untrustworthy players.

Background Checks for Attorneys

Depending on their general areas of practice and the specific cases before them, attorneys may have any number of reasons to secure a relevant background check. By contracting with a quality private investigation agency, they can look into a person’s criminal history, past judgments, and civil lawsuit involvement. They can also examine records involving any filed bankruptcies or leveraged property liens. Over the years, attorneys have used background checks to accomplish any number of legal means.

Private Individual Background Checks

The reasons to secure a background check extend far beyond the professional sphere. Whether we are committing yourself to marriage or searching for safe and reliable childcare, we all want the very best for ourselves as well as our loved ones. With the right background check, you can get the tools that you need to avoid bad decisions and set your mind at ease.

In Conclusion

It is vitally important to secure the right type of background check for your particular wants and needs. With more than three decades of experience in the private investigation field, Barefoot Professional Investigations has the targeted expertise needed to deliver the right background check for you. Contact us today to get started.

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