Role of Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases focus on deciding which guardian can provide the best care for a child. The court will weigh evidence and testimony and make a decision with the child’s best interest in mind. 

Evidence is extremely important in these proceedings. You will want to provide information that proves why you are the best caregiver for the child. However, you can also provide evidence that shows that the other potential guardians should not have custody. 

A private investigator can collect different types of evidence to help you prove why the other potential guardians should not be given parental rights.

Here is a look at child custody and what PIs can do to help in different types of child custody cases. 

Types of Child Custody Cases

There are different types of child custody. If you think the other guardians are totally unfit, you can try to get sole custody, which means that you are the only guardian. You can also have physical custody, which allows the child to live with you as you provide care on a daily basis. Legal custody, meanwhile, is not necessarily the same as physical custody. Legal custody allows you to make decisions about the child’s long-term well-being. If neither legal parent is fit, grandparents or other relatives can sue for custody. 

During child custody cases, the judge can also set parameters for parents to have contact with their children. For example, they could award custody to one parent and allow the other to visit during certain times or only if there is direct supervision during the visit. 

When awarding custody to a specific person and deciding rules for visitation, the judge will look at evidence about the fitness of each parent or guardian in regard to the child’s well-being. 

What Can a Private Investigator Do in a Child Custody Case? 

A private investigator can collect evidence to support your claims in a child custody case. When your claims are backed by evidence, the judge will be more likely to believe them. 

In most cases, a PI will conduct a background check or perform research to see if the other parent in the case has a criminal record or was the subject of police investigations. They can also look into financial matters to see if the other parent has the means to support the child. 

The PI can interview people who know the other parent. They may talk to people at the parent’s work, friends, or neighbors. They can record these interviews and submit them for evidence or convince the interviewee to serve as a witness during the case. 

Surveillance can be an important part of a private investigator’s job in child custody cases. They can watch a parent to see if they are involved in illicit activities or do things that might put the child in danger. In some cases, they may look at the parent’s home to see if it is safe for a child. For example, they can record instances of drinking or drug use, criminal activity, or violence. 

What Role Does the Private Investigator Have in a Child Custody Case?

A private investigator will work with you and your attorney to collect the necessary evidence to support your case. In some cases, they may serve as a witness or get other witnesses to testify on your behalf. 

A PI collects evidence in a way that ensures it is admissible in court. They make certain that they collected the information legally and work with the lawyer to clarify and add supporting data if necessary. 

While private investigators can collect info to support your case, they are not law enforcement personnel. They cannot arrest the other parent. Also, they should not try to influence or intimidate the other parent to get a positive outcome for their client. A good PI knows how to handle the investigation so that they do not interfere with the case and all their evidence is admissible. 

Which Private Investigator Should You Use for Child Custody Cases?

If the custody of a child is at stake, you want to be sure that you work with a private investigator who can give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome in your case. Barefoot PI has more than 35 years of experience in investigations, background checks, and surveillance. Our professional investigators can collect the necessary evidence and information to help you with your child custody case. Contact us today to discuss the details of your child custody needs.

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