Know What You’re Looking for in a Private Investigator Before Hiring One

We are a society based on the rule of law, and we teach citizens that by and large, the solution to any legal concern is to involve law enforcement. However, while certain situations might seem to fall under the immediate purview of the police department or a court of law, there’s a chance that pursuing such situations legally might require additional evidence or information before action can be taken. 

Pursuing investigations privately can be a legally complicated affair, and often requires a person to hire a firm or individual licensed to carry out private investigations. In this article, we are going to discuss events that might lead to your needing to hire a private investigator, and then provide some questions you should ask the organization you intend to hire to ensure they are the right provider for the job at hand. 

Four Reasons Why You Might Seek Out a Private Investigator

There are any number of specific situations that might require investigation by law enforcement. In some situations though, the discretion of hiring a private investigator is the better route forward. We’ve included four such situations where professional investigators would be a more prudent way forward.   

Digital Forensics

With cybercrime on a sharp rise, it’s important to know who to call if an incident occurs. If an attack happens to take place, modern private investigative services are trained to properly respond to such incidents in a timely manner, ensuring the integrity of digital evidence. 

Workers’ Compensation

Insurance companies want to ensure that an injury claim is what the claimant says that it is. If any question or doubt as to the validity of such a claim were to arise, private investigators are often pulled in to watch the claimant’s behavior and activities and report evidence back to the insurance company. 

Domestic and Custody Disputes

Family issues are always complicated and can lead to any number of situations that require someone to gather evidence to support a legal case. Whether it’s a cheating spouse or a dispute regarding property or child custody, private investigators can provide the necessary 3rd party perspective and information to help the court make a decision one way or the other. 

Business and Legal Support

Courts and businesses often require background checks to be run on individuals, and in some situations, that process also requires follow-up interviews with witnesses or relevant parties. Private investigators are well-positioned to perform these background checks and have the experience to glean from witnesses the necessary information to provide the court and business with what they need to make a decision.  

What Should You Ask A Private Investigation Firm Up Front?

These are all extremely tricky situations that require a high degree of preparation and professionalism to navigate. When searching out the right investigative service to tackle such challenges, there’s a number of questions that you should be asking as you contact firms to handle the investigative needs at hand:

  • Licensing and Training As we discussed in another piece published this month, every state has very stringent licensing requirements to operate legally as a private investigator. State licensure to operate as a private investigator also requires education on the front end, and a degree of ongoing education after receiving their license. Knowing that the firm has adhered to this process and continues to do so lends credence to their professionalism and dedication to the craft.
  • Tools and Experience Depending on the type of investigation you need performed, you’ll want to make sure that potential service providers have the experience in performing such investigations and the necessary technology to do so.
  • Proper Investigative Process Find out up front what information the firm will need in order to carry out the investigation, and then find out what their follow-up process entails. Do they provide a follow-up report? Do they transfer evidence, documentation, or photos to you to support their reporting or retain it for submission to the proper authorities?  

The Right Company for the Job

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