Family Law Cases

Family Law Cases

There are no perfect families. When life goes wrong within your family unit, you may need a personal investigator to step into the mix. Whether it is battling for child custody or proving that there has been adultery in your marriage, you need an experienced team on your side. You should of course leverage legal counsel and consult your attorney in domestic disputes or child custody determinations, but often times, your attorney needs more information to help support your side of the case. There are several Charlotte Private Investigators, but very few with the amount of experience and the strong relatinships with attorneys that we have at Barefoot. Barefoot Professional Investigation has 30+ years of experience in handling family law cases.

For all types of family law situations, we will first discuss the needs and goals of your investigation. That might consist of gathering evidence of adultery against your spouse or gaining information that will be beneficial in a child custody action. We can be most effective and efficient by gaining as much information as possible during our initial interview.

Gaining Insight

After our initial interview, we research and catalogue pertinent location addresses, vehicle tag numbers, and personal background information. We then determine the most logical time to conduct surveillance. Together, With the client’s insight into their spouse’s behavior and our 30+ years of experience, we determine the most logical time to conduct surveillance. We will offer suggestions as to when we will conduct surveillance, however, the client ultimately makes the decision. This means that the client has a significant amount of control on how much money they spend on the investigation. Our private investigators work within your budget to provide as much intel as possible, and adjust our time and level of insights or documentation accordingly.

Family Law Retainer

For all family law cases, we require an initial retainer which can range from $2500 to $3,500 depending on your situation. Like we said before, no family is perfect and every case is different. This retainer basically acts as a deposit. We bill against this retainer at an hourly rate for the hours worked toward your case. For example, if your spouse is always home on weekends and spending time with family, then we do not need to conduct surveillance on the weekends unless there is some unusual activity.  If the spouse has flexibility during their work day, then lunch time and afternoons might be an appropriate time to do surveillance.  If lunch time is the suspected time then we will conduct surveillance typically from 11:30 am to 1:30.  We bill travel time to and from the case but there is no minimum charge. Therefore, if we have two hours involved in your cases then that is what you are billed for that day.

If you believe that your spouse if cheating on you or if you believe that your child is not in a stable home when they are away with their other parent, call our office to schedule a consultation!