Debugging Your Office: Why and How

Is someone listening to you? Bugging devices are more present in professional spaces than many people realize. If you are concerned about being recorded in your office, you need to take action; otherwise, you’re putting your business at risk. Learn how bug sweeps can give you peace of mind by securing your office with the help of Barefoot Professional Investigations.

What Is a Bugging Device?

Bugs are discreet devices that can have audio, video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular streaming capabilities. These eavesdropping devices are almost impossible to detect without a professional eye and counter-surveillance equipment.

Private investigators have the skills to spot multiple types of bugs during a sweep. These include:


An acoustic bug uses simple listening techniques rather than relying on the latest technology. For instance, someone could be listening to your conversations through a wall using something such as a stethoscope.


Ultrasonic bugs convert audible conversations into frequencies that people can’t hear. The malicious individual then collects the high-frequency signal and transverses it into its original audio format.


Radio bugs are the most common type. They record a conversation and transmit the audio to a different location. For example, if you are having a conversation with your coworker, the bug will send the audio to the listener in real-time.


Optical bugs are similar to radio bugs. However, conversations are transmitted through an optical pulse rather than radio frequencies.

What Is the Office Debugging Process?

When you book a bug sweep, a private investigator will come to your office and run a series of tests to check for any suspicious activity. These include physical, visual, and electronic inspections of commonly bugged areas, such as walls, office equipment, computer lines, phone cables, electrical outlets, and more.

The debugging process includes:

Inspecting new additions

First, a PI will ask if you have added anything new to your office. They will then investigate these new items first for any signs of bugs. After that, the PI will conduct a more thorough sweep to ensure that all of their ground is covered.

Checking connectivity

Many bugs come in the form of software, so a private investigator must check to see if there are any alternate Wi-Fi connections. The PI will also check cables and other power sources since bugs need a form of power to operate.

Preforming an electronic scan

After the manual search is finished, the PI will complete the bug sweep via technological tools. To locate any high-tech bugs, they will turn off all electronic devices and sweep the room with a radiofrequency detector. This will find any electronic devices still in use after everything has been powered off, which are usually hidden bugs.

Why Should You Debug Your Office?

Bugging devices are planted to collect sensitive information, whether in the form of conversations, emails, phone calls, or documents. There’s no limit to what information can be collected. What’s more, when your information is in the wrong hands, it can easily be taken out of context and used against you in political and legal battles or even by a competitor to gain an advantage over your business.

Hiring a Private Investigator

If you attempt to conduct a bug sweep on your own, chances are you’ll miss something. So, it’s a good idea to turn to the professionals. Private investigators are trained and licensed experts who can thoroughly and quickly conduct a bug sweep of your office. They also possess the necessary equipment to locate high-tech bugs that would otherwise be undetectable.

Final Thoughts

If you suspect that there are bugging devices planted in your office, the time to act is now. Why risk the chance of damaging your reputation when hiring a private investigator to conduct a sweep can give you peace of mind? Our team of experienced private investigators at Barefoot Professional Investigations has the skills and latest equipment necessary to conduct a thorough sweep of your office while handling your case with privacy and discretion. Contact us today to safeguard your privacy and protect your confidential information.

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