Common Reasons Behind Corporate Investigations

Private investigators may be well known in the entertainment industry for tailing unfaithful spouses or locating people who want to stay hidden. But, in reality, PIs can do so much more, including performing corporate investigations. A corporate investigation is a thorough look into a business or corporation conducted by an outside source, often identifying and documenting instances of wrongdoing.

From uncovering fraudulent activities to performing security sweeps, companies may hire PIs for a variety of reasons. Here are four of the most common events that can trigger a corporate investigation.

1. Employee misconduct

Unethical, unprofessional, or dishonest employees can quickly and drastically damage your business. Employ misconduct can cover a wide range of behaviors, including:

  • Abuse of power
  • Serious insubordination
  • Falsifying documents
  • Property damage
  • Substance abuse
  • Time theft
  • Failure to follow safety or health protocols

Sometimes, the best way to avoid employee misconduct cases is to ensure that you’re hiring the right people. Many private investigators, including Barefoot PI, offer background check services precisely for this reason.

2. Harassment

Workplace harassment is a serious form of employee misconduct and is often handled by an external agent. This crime can cause a variety of issues if not dealt with swiftly. However, false allegations or terminations can be just as damaging as not responding to a legitimate case of harassment.

Investigators can conduct harassment investigations or support internal investigations of sexual, verbal, or physical harassment in the workplace by:

  • Uncovering evidence of wrongdoing
  • Conducting interviews
  • Providing comprehensive surveillance
  • Accumulating facts and proof that can be used for termination or legal redress

3. Theft

Theft is one most common reasons to undergo a corporate investigation. If you suspect employees, suppliers, or other individuals of theft, a quick response can help protect your business from financial losses and even bankruptcy.

Theft can include petty theft of work supplies or funds, money laundering, bribery, credit card fraud, and more.

4. Acquisitions or mergers

Investing in a new business can be profitable, and a private investigator can help ensure the acquisition is worthwhile and identify any suspicious activity before money exchanges hands. In addition, PIs can provide detailed due diligence reports to help with decision-making and negotiation.

Crime doesn’t wait — neither should you

Whether committed by employees, shareholders, suppliers, or management, workplace crime is a serious matter. Ideally, corporate investigations will occur as soon as possible — often within a few business days. And while internal investigations have their place in the business world, outsourcing your corporate investigation is the best way to go if you need objective, in-depth, professional detective skills. If you believe there’s a reason to hire a PI to investigate your company, don’t wait. Reach out to Barefoot PI to engage a corporate investigator in Charlotte, NC today.

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