Common Mistakes When Hiring a Professional Investigator

They say if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We don’t know who “they” are, but we’re inclined to agree, especially if you’re looking for a detective agency in and around Charlotte. Unfortunately, there are about as many ways to get it wrong as to get it right. Since we’d rather see you get it right the first time, we’re going to give you a series of mistakes to avoid, based on our years of experience serving individuals, businesses, and attorneys throughout the area.


Waiting Too Long to Hire a Professional Investigator

By their nature, most of the situations for which you’d hire Barefoot Professional Investigations won’t resolve themselves. It’s not just the reason for the investigation that’s time-sensitive, whether it’s a custody dispute, a computer forensics investigation, or an employee background check. Because much of our work relies on memory, or may involve individuals who are actively trying to cover their tracks, time is of the essence. Don’t wait.


Misunderstanding the Professional Investigator’s Capabilities

The problem here is twofold. On one hand, there are things for which some professional investigators simply aren’t equipped; our electronic debugging and countermeasures services, for instance, require certification that another PI (who may be perfectly competent in every other respect) may not have. On the other hand, there are things that no reputable PI will do, including breaking and entering, impersonating law enforcement, and any number of other ethically or legally questionable practices. A good PI will set reasonable expectations — including the lines they will not cross.


Lack of Trust

Trust is a two-way street. You want, and need, to hire someone you can trust. However, a professional investigator’s job can be complicated, or undermined, if you’re dishonest. We understand that the nature of some investigations require you to divulge details about your personal life, business, or other aspects of your affairs that are uncomfortable. We’re not asking for cheap thrills, and we won’t judge. But full and accurate information from you is often what tells us where we need to look, and what we’re looking for. We will keep your confidence.


Failure to Perform Due Diligence

Experience matters, and so do credentials. You should make sure that any PI you hire is licensed to work in North Carolina, that they’re willing to furnish references for similar cases to yours, and that the scope of their work from start to finish (including all costs, a willingness to testify where applicable, and the delivery of a comprehensive report of their findings) is communicated in writing.


Not Interviewing Ahead of Time

Online research is valuable, but there’s another component of your research that cannot be overlooked or given short shrift. Conduct an interview with your professional investigator, bringing all your concerns and questions to the table. If you sense that someone is being evasive, trust your gut. In other instances, you may find someone perfectly competent but decide that you just don’t gel; that’s fine, too — sometimes even the best Charlotte private investigators won’t be the best match, and there’s nothing wrong with continuing your search. To see if Barefoot Professional Investigations is right for your needs, put us to the test. Schedule a confidential consultation today!