Reasons for a Background Check

Have you found a suitable candidate for an open position at your business? If so, don’t hire them just yet. You should always run a background check on a potential hire before making it official. Taking the time to do this critical task is essential, even if you have to outsource it to professionals. 

The reasons to run a background check vary. In the end, they all benefit you, your company, the other employees, and your clients. Before we discuss the reasons for doing a background check, let’s go over what you should actually look for in a background check. 

What to Look for in a Background Check

What you look for in a background check may vary depending on the position you’re hiring for. If the position involves dealing with finances, for example, you may have reason to find information on this person’s credit history. 

That said, most businesses are usually only interested in whether or not someone has a criminal record and in verifying someone’s educational background, prior employment, and other credentials. Please note that how far back you can look into someone’s private and public records will vary by each state’s compliance regulations. 

Why Should a Company Run a Background Check?

The main reason why a company should do background checks is to reduce liability risk and to protect customers and other employees. Hiring people you know little to nothing about comes with risk. 

If you unknowingly hire someone with a history of violent crime and they harm one of your clients, you may be held liable. By running a background check, you’re doing your due diligence to create a safe work environment while protecting your business’s future.

Background Check Red Flags

A background check on potential hires gives you the opportunity to spot red flags. If a seemingly suitable candidate has any of these red flags in their history, you may want to think twice about bringing them on board.

Relevant Convictions

As stated above, every thorough background check includes a look into someone’s criminal history. Minor convictions may not be of concern to you, especially if they were years ago and were non-violent offenses. However, you should be on the lookout for convictions relevant to the position you’re hiring for. If you need a driver, for example, you may not want to hire someone with a DUI. 

Irregular Employment

When reading through someone’s employment history, look for how long they stayed at their past jobs. If they only held positions for a few months at a time, that could be a sign that they keep getting fired or are unreliable. You should have this same concern if they have multiple periods of unemployment. This isn’t uncommon and could be for entirely sympathetic reasons, but it’s still worth making note of.

Inconsistencies With Resume

The information you uncover during a background check should match the information provided to you by the candidate and their resume. If you find inconsistencies regarding their job experience or educational background, it may be because they’ve exaggerated their qualifications or outright lied to you. In this context, even minor fibs are enough reason to question their character and integrity. 

Of course, we’re really only scratching the surface on what to look for during a background check. For someone with little to no experience with this process, everything may seem overly complex and stressful. Thankfully, there are professionals that can manage this task for you.

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