How to Detect a Cheating Spouse during Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that gives couples and lovers a chance to showcase their affections for one another. Unfortunately, this holiday may not always be about the candy hearts or valentines for some couples. When the trill is gone in a relationship, this holiday can bring about suspicions of cheating. According to Elaine Pofeldt, many people tend to focus more on their suspicions around this day because all of the fanfare around romance tends to make it more apparent when a lover is less enthusiastic. Check out the rest of her article, Cheating Hearts Big Business on Valentine’s Day“, for other reasons why cheating is heightened during Valentine’s Day.

This week, Jan Barefoot was on WBT Charlotte’s News Talk Radio Show and discussed the topic of Cheating Spouses. She pointed out that 9 times out 10 when someone comes to Barefoot Professional Investigations, they already know what’s happening in their marriage, but they aren’t able to find the answers they are looking for by themselves. If you are questioning your relationship during this time of year, this podcast of Jan describing how they detect cheating spouses is very insightful and helpful.

Jan Barefoot, Private Investigator In Studio On Cheating Spouses