Private Investigators in Columbia, SC

There are some problems that require discretion and a certain set of skills to navigate. Maybe you suspect that your workplace is bugged by a competitor or that your former spouse is engaging in behavior that could affect your child custody arrangement. In these cases, you need a professional that can investigate the issue while remaining within the bounds of South Carolina state law. This is where Barefoot Professional Investigations private investigator in Columbia, SC comes in. 

Who Is Barefoot Professional Investigations?

For decades, Barefoot Professional Investigations has been a trusted world-class private detective agency for clients across South Carolina. Our team of licensed investigators have served corporations, major law firms, and thousands of individuals with unique needs and dilemmas. Whether your problem seems relatively small or large and overwhelming, you can rely on us to help you.

When you hire Barefoot Professional Investigations, you can rest assured that we’ll be effective, ethical, and discreet. With our attention to detail and experience, we can handle any problem thrown our way. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of services. Our surveillance investigators can help ensure your private security, or the security of your business, through background checks, digital forensics, debugging and countermeasures, and more. 

Our Services

At Barefoot Professional Investigations, we have the team, experience, and equipment necessary to offer several services. This includes, but is not limited to:

Corporate Investigative Services

We know our domestic investigative services won’t apply to all of our clients. That’s why we offer corporate investigative services to cater to the needs of people with work-related issues. We can perform background checks, sweep your workspace to locate and disable bugs or hidden cameras, and much more. No matter which service you need, we guarantee that our activities are compliant with South Carolina state law. 

Process Server

We are a registered process server, meaning our investigators are able to serve legal documents. This includes writs, warrants, and subpoenas. 


Digital Forensics

Our digital forensic specialists can recover and preserve data in the event of a data breach or wipe of data. We can do this on computers, email systems, browser histories, and cellphones. As we recover the data, we document and verify it to prepare it for future legal proceedings. We also do social media platform collection, which we can use to preserve your social media accounts. 


Of course, this is just a glimpse into the array of services we offer. If you don’t see the private investigation service you need listed above, please get in touch with us so we can determine how we can assist you.

Why Hire a Local Private Investigator in Columbia, SC?

Private investigator in Columbia, SC can help you with a wide range of dilemmas that require skill, discretion, and the latest technology. At Barefoot Professional Investigations, we offer a diverse selection of services to help you navigate any situation, whether you fear you’re being watched or to recover evidence after a data breach. 

So, why hire local rather than hiring someone in a different city or out of state? A local investigator knows the city, which is key in cases that involve things like countersurveillance. A private investigator in Columbia, SC will also naturally have a much better understanding of South Carolina’s laws regarding things like bugging, surveillance, forensics, and more. If you hire someone outside of South Carolina, they may unintentionally engage in unlawful behavior. 

Getting Started With a Columbia Private Investigator

Columbia is home to the state’s top private detective agency — Barefoot Professional Investigations. The first step to getting with our private investigators in Columbia, SC is to reach out. We encourage you to reach out to us so we can answer your questions and hear more about your concerns. If you’re not sure what services you need, we’d be happy to explain how we can approach your problem.

You can contact the team at Barefoot Professional Investigations by calling 803-973-8999 or emailing You can also fill out our online form to leave your email and send us a short message about what services you’re interested in. If you’d prefer to speak to us in person, you’re welcome to stop by at 1122 Lady Street, Suite 238, Columbia, SC 29201. We hope to hear from you soon.