Private Investigator Services Fort Mill SC

Situated just south of Charlotte and north of Rock Hill, Fort Mill is nestled within the vast and bustling network of interconnected suburbs that surround North Carolina’s Queen City. Part of York County, Fort Mill is one of the most popular suburban cities in the region and plays host to numerous corporate headquarters and satellite offices for major players in finance and banking. In addition to its strong financial district, Fort Mill is also home to major operators in the logistics and distribution industries. It was this strong economic foundation that caught our attention when seeking out potential cities that could support our expansion into the South Carolina market. 


Same Level of Integrity, Same Range of Services

Expanding our offices further into South Carolina provides our staff a wider range of resources and increases our presence in new markets, but it doesn’t change our ability to continue to provide our core world-class investigative services to our clients. These new offices will provide our investigators with access to new resources and support in the field as they continue to provide clients with the same level of service across our six primary service categories.



New offices in South Carolina means that our team will be able to provide detailed documentation and evidence, including video and still photographic evidence, for even more domestic investigations. Our South Carolina investigative teams will apply the same ethical approach to investigations that we are known for in North Carolina, ensuring that our investigative activities are compliant with the state’s comparable general statutes to those that dictate our work in North Carolina, as well as all Federal and State Laws.  


Child Custody

We will expand our current child custody surveillance and documentation services into South Carolina to help the responsible parties make informed decisions as to the character and capabilities of custodial parents in custody and visitation lawsuits. Our investigators will provide, within the standards required by South Carolina, the proper video and/or photographic displays necessary to guide that process. 


Debugging and Countermeasures

Barefoot PI will expand our commercial and residential debugging services into the South Carolina region, allowing us to work with our clients to detect and locate electronic surveillance equipment that might be used for eavesdropping on phone calls or tracking vehicular usage through a GPS device. As in North Carolina, we have attained the proper licensing to operate these devices in South Carolina. 


Background Checks

One of the most expansive services we offer, our teams will now be working with clients in South Carolina to provide employers and insurance organizations. We install hidden CCTV surveillance cameras and provide workers’ compensation surveillance and field employee surveillance services. We also conduct comprehensive background and criminal records checks, investigate trademark and patent infringement claims, and perform asset searches as necessary to support the background check process. 


Witness Interviews

Our investigators can provide support to lawyers by locating and interviewing witnesses, preparing demonstrative evidence to be used in court in the form of charts, diagrams, and maps, and provide photographic and video evidence as well as typewritten detailed reports and transcripts of recorded interviews as needed. We have experience assisting in felony case preparation for case-types including capital murder, sex offenses, fraud, vehicular deaths, obscenity, and drug cases. Our investigators have participated as courtroom witnesses at both State and Federal levels. 


Computer Forensics

Our team of computer forensic specialists is trained to recover and preserve evidence in the event of a data breach. This process includes the documentation and verification of the data as it is recovered from affected devices and properly preparing the digital evidence for legal proceedings. Our team is also experienced performing the same forensics and recovery tasks on cell phones, email systems, and browser histories. 


Tailoring Our Professional Investigative Services to the Needs of the Fort Mill Community

Thirty years of success in North Carolina has prepared us for future success bringing our unique brand of investigative services to the growing community of Fort Mill. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial issue, if you find that you could benefit from our services, please reach out to our team for a free consultation.