Are You Being Stalked?

Technology isn’t always deployed by individuals with the best of intentions. In today’s society, anyone can download and deploy tools to infect computer systems with malware. The same individuals could buy sophisticated surveillance gear over the counter without any sort of special licensing required. If they’re motivated, they could even bub your home or car and use those devices to track your movements over time.

To some, we admit this might sound like a pulp spy novel. To others, this might actually be a strong possibility. In Charlotte, a city full of banking executives and small business leaders, it’s in fact quite plausible. Regardless of why someone might be trying to stalk you, our investigative services are licensed to handle situations such as this. In the following discussion, Barefoot PI breaks down how we can determine if you’re being tracked and how we can go about negating the tracking devices and renew your peace of mind. 

How to Check for Devices Commonly Used to Surveil a Victim

Our lives are a wide-open landscape of potential attacks against our privacy, especially with the prevalence of electronic mobile devices and other technologies in our lives. We’ll first talk about the various vectors along which we can be tracked and to detect those devices. 

How To Tell if Your Phone is Being Monitored or Bugged

In determining if you’re in need of cell phone debugging, you should first determine if your phone has been jailbroken, which allows your mobile device to utilize third-party apps. Whether you’ve done this, or it’s been done to your phone, jailbreaking leaves devices highly susceptible and vulnerable. There are signs that your phone has been compromised:

  • Strange noises in the background similar to interference or high-pitched humming. There also might be clicking or beeps that are hard to hear. Sound bandwidth sensors can detect these noises and determine if it’s been tapped.
  • If your battery suddenly starts to drain quickly or heat up extremely fast, and it’s unrelated to how old the battery is or how long you’ve used the device. Certain settings can identify if the software is suddenly using your battery that isn’t software you’ve installed.
  • Your phone doesn’t respond to being shut down properly.
  • Inconsistent or suspicious activity in text messaging apps, browsers, email, or other apps. Strange apps appear on the phone. 

Has Your House or Car Been Bugged with Listening Devices?

If you feel that your living space or your vehicle has been compromised, our private investigators are trained to perform sweeps with very specific equipment. Radio frequency detectors can be used to sweep the spaces, focusing on locations where bugs could be concealed within electronics – such as a plug or lamp base. Other equipment such as lens finders will be used to sweep for cameras. In your vehicle, we’ll be looking for GPS trackers affixed to the vehicle both on the exterior frame in hard-to-reach areas, as well as throughout the interior of the car. Just as with scanning in the house, we can use the RF scanner to find the signals emanating from the GPS tracker. 

Computer Debugging Takes Some Skill

Just as the tell-tale signs that something malicious has been installed upon your phone, you can expect similar behavior from a computer that’s being used to track your actions. Whether it’s spyware, malware, or something more nefarious, you can expect slowdowns, erratic behavior from your input devices, you start receiving strange emails asking you to do things vendors have never asked you to do, and software suddenly appears in menus that you haven’t installed directly or as part of an update or new service. Full forensic sweeps are generally required to scrub your computer system of such malicious software. You can also follow standard cybersecurity measures to ensure you’re doing your part in counteracting the efforts of a malicious actor.  

Let the Experts at Barefoot PI Keep Stalkers at Bay

Serving Charlotte and the surrounding metropolitan area, our team of professionals have been licensed for more than 25 years to provide surveillance countermeasures and help our clients avoid eavesdropping and other methods of violating their privacy. If you think that your phones, car, home, or computer have been compromised, our team can provide debugging services at affordable rates. Learn more about what we can do to protect our clients and how we can keep stalkers away. 

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