North Carolina Child Custody & Personal Investigation

North Carolina Child Custody & Personal Investigation

The process of going through a divorce or split is difficult, daunting, and stressful for everyone that is involved. Children tend to have a hard time coping with the fact that their parents are no longer together and now their family is splitting a part. Fighting for custody over your children is difficult, and whatever reason that lead to the divorce can be a prime piece of evidence during court. This is why it’s important to hire a personal investigator before the divorce has even started. If you believe your spouse is cheating, or if there are cases of domestic violence at home, or if child abuse is present, it’s wise to have documentation of the acts happening.

In North Carolina, the state child custody laws have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act, which recognizes the option of joint custody, allows for visitation by grandparents, and considers the child’s own wishes before ordering custody terms. Each parent should understand the basic types of child custody that are available for them in the state of North Carolina.

1. Legal Custody
When a parent has legal custody, it means that they are allowed to make important decisions in the child’s life that related to education, religious instruction, and medical decisions.

2. Physical Custody
This custody refers to when a child lives with a parent. There is a possibility to create a joint physical custody option, but it is becoming more common for one parent to have full physical custody and the other to have visitation rights. This plan doesn’t disrupt the child’s school schedule and allows them to have a flexible social lifestyle.

Depending on the type of custody the court decides on, it can come in two forms:

1. Joint Custody — Both parents share a form of custody.

2. Sole Custody — Only one parent has a form of custody.

In North Carolina, the family court will decide custody agreements based on the best interest of the child. According to FindLaw, factors that are involved in the court’s decision are:

• History of domestic violence
• Child’s overall safety
• The child’s current living arrangement
• The child’s relationship with each parent
• The ability of each parent to care for the child
• Whether each parent can create a stable home for the child

Fighting for child custody can be a complex ordeal, especially when each party wants sole custody. Understanding that children thrive in the best environment, any parent will fight to make sure their child is in a safe, encouraging, and stable home. At Barefoot Personal Investigations, we can conduct surveillance to determine if your child in a safe environment and to ensure that he or she is surrounded by people who love and care for them. If you believe that your child is not getting the type of care that is needed, it’s important to reach out to a personal investigator to find out the truth.